Halloween fun, free Little Voices workshop and National Fertility Week: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! Pumpkin?  Tick.  Treats?  Tick.  Fake spider webs?  Tick.  Broomstick?  Always close at hand.  So we're all set for Halloween.  Shame it hits just after they all go back to school this year, but the spirits don't care for schedules and timetables.  They'd probably hate our What's On calendar, full of bright ideas and buzzing with community goings-on. (click here) Looking for your next home?  We … [Read more...]

“Killer Clown” chases local girl on school run. Colleague punched at work: HR won’t help. Boy wearing dress for Halloween: OK? Rejected from dream school: help!

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "Where's the bacon sandwich?" We spent last Friday evening at the Skylark on Wandsworth Common. If you haven't been to their evening supper events then you're missing out, it's a wonderful location during the day but on an autumn evening, simply magical. We may have had a little wine (OK, more than a little) so the next morning I sent my eldest upstairs to rouse a hungover Mr NVN. I was a little surprised when my husband bounced Tigger-like into the kitchen and very … [Read more...]

Flip Out Halloween Weekender, 11+ revision courses and half term fun: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! Busy, busy, busy.  Half term, Harvest Festival, Halloween, fireworks, fun and frolics, and revision for many.  Wherever you're at, and wherever you are this week or next, then our calendar can help you plan - either for last minute day-to-day inspiration or looking ahead to make sure you don't miss a trick (or treat). Keep it close at hand and keep on posting if you're busy with things you'd like … [Read more...]

Tooting rapist E-fit picture. Help: due in two weeks and husband having affair. Inheritance battle: children receive equal shares?

Dear NappyValleyNetter, In January of this year we published our very first Design and Build Guide. Packed full of information to help you plan your refurb./basement/kitchen/folly it's been such a huge success that we've just ordered a reprint. So if you missed out the first time, please do send ping your postal address by clicking this link, and I'll pop a copy in the post. And, as before, if there is anything you think we should do differently for the 2017 guide please do get in … [Read more...]

Half term round-up, Teenage First Aid for Life course and the NCT Halloween Event: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.  Well, at least it is as I write this intro and I have my parents staying this week, so the 'old man' isn't Mr NVN in case you were wondering.  We're so used to bright days and blue skies that when it goes all gloomy and wet, I feel personally affronted. Just the kind of moment when our calendar comes in handy, packed with ideas, inspiration and … [Read more...]

Inappropriate: Dad wears *TIGHT* lycra to school? Local firework display run down. New shops coming to Northcote Road.

Dear NappyValleyNetter, After seven years of running NappyValleyNet, I was pretty sure I'd seen every type of post. This week, however, a user called AGL showed me just how wrong I was. She's upset because her well-endowed husband insists on wearing his tight Lycra shorts to school drop-off which she believes is inappropriate. We've had a number of comments on both sides of the fence and a couple of emails from very excited mums asking for the address of the school. OK, I made … [Read more...]

Free tickets for The Independent Schools Show, more Open Days and half term inspiration: Your weekly What’s On guide from NappyValleyNet!

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet!  Just three weeks to go - even less for some - until half term is here. How?! The sun is still shining and with it a sense that summer is only just on its way out.  But time flies and the older you get the faster it flies, so another week or two off school hovers on the horizon.  You'll find plenty of inspiration in our constantly updating calendar.  Do keep on posting so we can keep on spreading … [Read more...]

Negotiating “me time” money with husband? Another shop to close on Northcote Road. Apple UK to come to Battersea.

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "Am I looking less pretty and you looking more pretty, or is it the other way around?" My daughter was sitting in the kitchen staring at her reflection in a hand mirror. "Errr I'm not sure what you mean?" I replied. "Well yesterday someone said I looked just like you but if that's true then you look like a young girl or," there was a pause whilst I could sense her choosing her words carefully, "I look like an old woman." Well maybe not so carefully after … [Read more...]

Comedy at Alleyn’s, Autumn Supper Club at Skylark and more School Open Days: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter, Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet!  Never a dull moment, that's for sure.  If you're on the school open day merry-go-round, hold on tight - it's a busy time of year.  If yours are younger (or older), then no doubt you're going about your daily life of family, work, children, home, classes, weekends, activities, clubs, socialising and so on.  To help you keep it fresh and fun, make good use of our calendar and you won't miss a … [Read more...]

Forced to move: criminally intimidating neighbours. Local school closed for 2018 entry. Urgently need to de-stress – but how?

Dear NappyValleyNetter, It won't be news to anyone who lives in SW London that many of our local schools are oversubscribed. And, after publishing our latest Schools Guide, we thought we had a pretty good understanding of the local school application "landscape". However, when one local school announced this week that it was 48 hours away fromclosing applications for the 2018 11+ entry, we were surprised. This is four months earlier than last year. This means current year 5 pupils, if they … [Read more...]

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