Battersea Summer Scheme’s Sport in the Park, Wildlife Rangers at WWT London Wetland Centre and Sushi at Skylark:

   Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! It's hard to believe we're nudging into August already.  Time flies when you're (run off your feet, making packed lunches daily, entertaining children, family, friends, ferrying little ones from one club or playdate to another) having fun. There is a certain joy to being around here in August though. Quieter roads, neighbours, shops, life in general. Make the most of the change in pace and … [Read more...]

30 year old Northcote Road shop to close. Excessive settling in period in schools? How to choose a hospital?

  Dear NappyValleyNetter, "Where are the children?" We were in Gatwick airport, about to leave on holiday and Mr NVN had been in charge of the little ones whilst I went in search of my duty free fix. Halfway through an exorbitant post-shop coffee in Wondertree, I realised they were nowhere to be seen. "Remember when we were in Amsterdam in that boring art museum," he said "and the kids said they had an ace time because we just played hide and seek?" Ahhh that would be the … [Read more...]

WWT London Wetland Centre, Eddie Catz summer fun and NGS Open Gardens in Clapham: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! School's out for summer (almost)!  By now pretty much everyone is pretty much there. Kick back, relax and enjoy some time out, if only for a while.  Perhaps you're already far from here, sunning yourself on some peaceful outcrop over clear blue seas, under clear blue skies.  If so, mine's a Pina Colada (complete with cocktail umbrella)!  Have fun, and if the need for ideas and inspiration should … [Read more...]

Does an au-pair do housework? Crossrail 2 route switched AGAIN! All change on Northcote Road.

  Dear NappyValleyNetter, We've just come back from a Mark Warner holiday to Greece. In a bid to teach the children some financial responsibility we let them "sign" for drinks at the bar, on the strict instructions they could only have three soft drinks a day, plus as much water as they wanted. Mr NVN kept a close eye on proceedings for the first few days and then relaxed his monitoring, believing they'd proved they could be trusted. As we checked out the receptionist proudly … [Read more...]

Get Active Wandsworth Festival, Flip Out Summer Action Camps and our Super-summer round-up: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! Jumped the final hurdle or still hobbling to the finish line looking something akin to a sack race with neon tassels and sunglasses askew but necessary, mainly to cover up the general rosé hue? Summer is fun but it can sometimes feel like a long-haul getting there, from collections for teachers to end-of-term parties, picnics and planning.  Make good use of our calendar to share your events, … [Read more...]

Emotional affair – am I in too deep? How do I stop yelling at my children? Dangerous summer? How to keep your family safe in the holidays.

  Dear NappyValleyNetter On Saturday evening my mother-in-law was babysitting my little ones plus my (much younger) niece. Snacks were prepared, bedtimes agreed and the only missing link was the evening's entertainment – normally a cue for my children to argue violently about which movie to watch. My M-I-L, seizing the initiative, scrolled through the menu and suggested a film about a "cute talking bear" which, to my surprise, my two happily agreed. In hindsight, at this … [Read more...]

Stay safe in the sun

Kids love the summer, in this warm weather there’s more time to spend outside doing fun activities with the family. However, every summer holiday a frightening number of children succumb to accidents, so please talk to them about possible risks, take sensible safety measures to reduce hazards and ensure you have a good knowledge of first aid, to be able to help if you need to. Drowning Always make sure that your child is safe around water. Children should always be supervised as they … [Read more...]

Modular loft conversions: The faster, easier, better way to get a new loft

Landmark Lofts have just launched a revolutionary new product: modular loft conversions with an installation time of just two weeks! In this article, we’ll explain what a modular loft is and why it’s such a drastic improvement upon ordinary loft conversions. Our new lofts are built in a factory in different sections, called modules, which are then delivered to your property by lorry and placed by crane onto the top of your home where they fit together seamlessly. Rather than rolling off … [Read more...]

Summer fairs near you, Camp Suisse and a Baby Sleep Workshop: Your What’s On activity guide from NappyValleyNet

   Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! One day at a time. How are you doing with the street parties, school parties, sun-filled days and approaching end-of-term-itis? You might be chasing your tail or, like me, turning up at a friend's send-off a week early.  It's not that I'm keen she goes.  It's just that I forgot to check my diary and thought I could rely on the old grey cells. I was wrong. They are apparently addled. So my … [Read more...]

Local private school at centre of s*x abuse claims. Van petrol bombed in SW18. Looking for private investigator.

  Dear NappyValleyNetter It goes without saying that the last year has been pretty depressing in terms of local and world news. And I'm not sure it's going to change any time soon. Which is why it was so lovely to see a feel-good piece featuring one of our very own SW Londoners in a national newspaper. Someone I know many of us say hello to on a daily basis (read more). So before we go into some less-than-lovely stories of our own, lets celebrate that we have one member of … [Read more...]

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