Welcome to NappyValleyNet 2016 schools guide.
Last year NappyValleyNet published its very first SW London Schools Guide. We did this in response to the sheer number of questions posted on our website: education was, and still is, one of the most popular topics among our 385,000 visitors.
The reaction was, quite frankly, astonishing, so this year we decided to do it all over again, but even bigger and better.
New for 2016 we look at preschool options, local SEN resources and the forthcoming national exam changes, alongside pages of education advice from leading local schools.
And that’s in addition to a raft of relevant school profiles, interviews with new incoming heads, guidance on the correct amount of homework, how to help your child cope with exam stress and making the most of school open days and tours.
There are also email reminder sign-ups for the most important dates, such as application deadlines and entrance exams.
We hope this guide will help you navigate through your family’s entire education journey and, as always, we would love your feedback on what we can do better next year.

School Profiles

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What Will The Changes To The GCSE Grading System Mean For Our Kids?

Here’s a question for you. On a scale of 1 – 9 how would you rate the new GCSE grading system? Wait, what? New grading system? Actually, before you get rating, we’re going to be perverse and throw a small spanner in the works. Make that a scale of 9 – 1, where 9 is […]

The cost of further education

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those whom prepare for it today” The cost of further education in whatever shape that may take has become a huge challenge for many families.  A full-time student in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) starting a course in August 2016 would expect to pay […]

The White House enters the BBC Radio 2 “500 Words” Competition

We are delighted to let you know that yesterday The White House School took part in the annual BBC Radio 2 “500 Words” challenge, now in its seventh year. Our Year 3-6 children watched the ‘live lesson’,and have started writing their stories which will be entered to the competition. The children are free to choose […]

How parents can reduce exam anxiety

At JK Educate we help families deal with every stage of education, from 7+ entrance exams and SATs to A levels and University applications. Entire families can get weighed down with the ongoing pressure for children to succeed, but there are many tactics parents can use to lighten the load. Here are a few simple […]

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