NappyValleyNet launched in 2009. Our aim? To create a gorgeous mash-up of your best friend, your next door neighbour and that well-connected schoolgate mum; all wrapped up in a web site!

Every day we help users choose schools, recruit nannies, recommend builders, find holidays and still find time for relationship advice and a gossip. We are especially proud of our new "what's on" guide which you can find by clicking here.

We seem to have got something right as we just keep growing. We now (May 2015) have almost 55k different mums visit every month from SW London alone! So if you want to join our merry band, receive cracking local special offers *and* subscribe to our wonderful weekly email then just click here to register

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Man shot in SW London Waitrose car park. Nanny’s child keeps weeing on my carpet. “Hit with £9k Lambeth Council bill!” Party entertainer suggestions please

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "Help, I don't know which one is the chilli burger!" Every year we host a barbecue for thirty or so of my extended family and every year Mr NappyValleyNet and his equally immature cousins (they are related after all) play "Burger Roulette". This involves infusing one … [Click here to read more...]


Late summer fun and autumn term plans: Your weekly What’s On guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet! For any of you who have been there, done that and come home again, it's all pretty much the same here in Blighty.  Same old, same old you might say if you're only just back from your sun-drenched, … [Click here to read more...]

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“Thank you for my helping husband after road accident”. Local shop closed due to rat infestation. Most popular 2014 baby names released. Local A level and GCSE results. Bin men not recycling?

Dear NappyValleyNetter, The most popular baby names for 2014 have been released (click here). It's a bit of a sore point in my household. For our eldest I managed to keep a tight hold over the naming rights but when our youngest appeared Mr NVN "kicked off" and demanded, at the very minimum, full … [Click here to read more...]


Smile please!

Our children’s teeth are a concern for us all. Are they brushing enough? What age should they have their adult teeth? Is thumb-sucking really the end of the world? We visited our friends Marie Baldo, dental associate with a postgraduate degree in children’s dentistry, and Amina Abdel-Karim, … [Click here to read more...]


Museum fun, summer action and me-time: Your weekly What’s On guide from NappyValleyNet

Dear NappyValleyNetter,   Welcome to your weekly What's On activity guide from NappyValleyNet!  So the weather's been a bit hit and miss, we're all having to reach for the occasional jumper or waterproof, but really, is there a need to have the 'early autumn' catalogues landing on our doormats?  … [Click here to read more...]

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