NappyValleyNet launched in 2009. Our aim? To create a gorgeous mash-up of your best friend, your next door neighbour and that well-connected schoolgate mum; all wrapped up in a web site!

Every day we help users choose schools, recruit nannies, recommend builders, find holidays and still find time for relationship advice and a gossip. We are especially proud of our new "what's on" guide which you can find by clicking here.

We seem to have got something right as we just keep growing. We now (Oct 2013) have almost 50k different mums visit every month from SW London alone! So if you want to join our merry band, receive cracking local special offers *and* subscribe to our wonderful weekly email then just click here to register

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Annabel Writes

Halloween, firework displays and even more Half term fun! Your ‘What’s On’ guide from NappyValleyNet!

Dear NappyValleyNetter,  Welcome to your weekly "What's On" guide from NappyValleyNet! Whether you're on half term yet or not, I'm sure we're all agreed that Halloween is the name of the game this week!  Big or small, teen or tiny, they all love it, from the decorations to deck the halls to the … [Click here to read more...]


Firework Advice and First Aid tips should something go wrong.

Our family love this time of year; especially fireworks; the smell in the air, the excitement and anticipation and a professional display is so spectacular! However this time of year is fraught with dangers: Over a four week period around November 5th more than 1,000 people are likely to suffer … [Click here to read more...]

Man stabbed in front of children on Heaver Estate. Working with celebrities, how do I behave? Costs and financial returns of lofts, basements and side returns.

Dear NappyValleyNetter, Mr NVN has just come back from a week away in China. He works for a tech start-up company and as they don’t do business class, it’s coach all the way. As a result he gets to know his seat neighbours pretty well. "How was the flight?” I asked as he was dumping a weeks … [Click here to read more...]

The Affordable Art Fair, spooky film-making, poppies at the Tower and more Half term activities! Your ‘What’s On’ guide from NappyValleyNet!

Dear NappyValleyNetter, Welcome to your NappyValleyNet weekly "What's On" guide! Just as the BBC moves seamlessly from the stunning 'pièce montée' of The Great British Bake Off to Steve Backshall in leopard print (we're loving it…) on Strictly Come Dancing, so do we move from one great class, … [Click here to read more...]

Space Odyssey: should you extend your home?

By Zoe Dare Hall With long winter nights looming, along with many sofa-bound hours spent watching Phil, Kirstie and the rest showing you how to turn your home into a designer goldmine, your gaze will invariably start to drift around your living space. ‘What if I knock down that wall, dig down here … [Click here to read more...]

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