NappyValleyNet launched in 2009. Our aim? To create a gorgeous mash-up of your best friend, your next door neighbour and that well-connected schoolgate mum; all wrapped up in a web site!

Every day we help users choose schools, recruit nannies, recommend builders, find holidays and still find time for relationship advice and a gossip. We are especially proud of our new "what's on" guide which you can find by clicking here.

We seem to have got something right as we just keep growing. We now (Oct 2013) have almost 50k different mums visit every month from SW London alone! So if you want to join our merry band, receive cracking local special offers *and* subscribe to our wonderful weekly email then just click here to register

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Annabel Writes


IS YOUR MONEY GOING OUT THE WINDOW? FOUR STEPS TO LOWER FUEL BILLS With energy prices going through the roof, and winters forecast to get colder it’s a good time to think about how to renovate your house to keep your energy bills down. Replace draughty windows and doors If you’ve got … [Click here to read more...]

Can I work for best friends ex? Nightmare builders, legal advice please! Catchment areas shrink again. Nanny demands work phone.

Dear South West London Mum,  "I work in sales." We were "up north" for a family wedding and my eldest was under strict instructions to be polite, shake hands and ask my relatives at least one question, as opposed to answering theirs with just grunts. So far he had done me proud. As he talked to … [Click here to read more...]

SW11 6.. has largest mortgage debt in the country. Is my boss being rude? Told I must reapply for school place, new application to be classed as ‘late’. Buy the perfect leggings.

Dear South West London Mum, Happy Easter! Next week's email will drop into your inboxes on the Tuesday after the long weekend, so this is my last chance to wish you all a happy Easter. If you're looking for ideas to fill the four day break, don't forget to check out our Easter activity … [Click here to read more...]

Can I secretly cut grandson’s hair? Nanny asks for travel-to-work costs. I’m constantly angry, please help. Warning: pushchair causes house fire.

Dear South West London Mum, My eldest is abroad on a school trip. Mr NVN, after scouring the schedule, decided it would be fun to organise a set time for him to update us on the trip and email back some photos. My son, on the other hand, showed as much enthusiasm for the idea as a turkey … [Click here to read more...]

NappyValleyNet’s Amazing Easter Activity Round Up

Dear South West London Mum, With the Easter break either already upon us or looming large on the horizon, you might be looking for some inspiration for what to do with your little ones, and we've got a few ideas for you here. It's only the tip of the iceberg, but might just help keep everybody … [Click here to read more...]

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