NappyValleyNet launched in 2009. Our aim? To create a gorgeous mash-up of your best friend, your next door neighbour and that well-connected schoolgate mum; all wrapped up in a web site!

Every day we help users choose schools, recruit nannies, recommend builders, find holidays and still find time for relationship advice and a gossip. We are especially proud of our new "what's on" guide which you can find by clicking here.

We seem to have got something right as we just keep growing. We now (Oct 2013) have almost 50k different mums visit every month from SW London alone! So if you want to join our merry band, receive cracking local special offers *and* subscribe to our wonderful weekly email then just click here to register

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Annabel Writes


Why are Jumpking trampolines so popular?

Jumpking are now officially the largest trampoline supplier in the UK and having been one of their largest retailers since 2006, we are well placed to explain why. Choice We all have a different budget, varying numbers and ages of children and different sized gardens so Jumpking have developed … [Click here to read more...]


Lifwstyle by ASQ – Double extensions

Step 1- -Why do you need the extra space? You need to plan and think before you invest in to your property by asking yourself -  what is your  main reason for extending? Is it for your own personal comfort or to add value to your property? The good news is that having an extension does both, add … [Click here to read more...]


Romany scout site: important update. Help: do you recognise the family in the photo? Your favourite local shops?

Dear NappyValleyNetter, I almost feel I should apologise for the opening in this week's email. The future of the Romany Scout Site is something we've highlighted before but, at the risk of appearing overly repetitive, it's a subject to which we have to return. There was a bizarre public meeting … [Click here to read more...]

Indecent assault in Earlsfield, witnesses wanted. Building basement under entire garden? Local builder disappears with cash and house unsafe.

Dear NappyValleyNetter, As the lucky raffle ticket was pulled out of a hat an expectant hush fell over the crowd. “And the winner of the case of wine is…” Time seemed to stand still as Mr NappyValleyNet’s name was read out and he bounded Tigger-like onto the stage to collect his prize. I love … [Click here to read more...]

Maserati crashes through window of St Johns Hill pub. Was it your nanny being aggressive? La Cuisiniere and Phase EIght to close.

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "I have a confession to make." I was preparing supper one evening last week and Mr NVN had just walked into the kitchen looking very serious. He sat down at the kitchen table. “How much do you think an umbrella should cost?” Hot on the heels of his yet-to-be-divulged … [Click here to read more...]

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