Top Tips for Moving House with Kids

Last Updated on : 29th May 2015


Top Tips for Moving House with Kids

Moving house is one of life’s stressful events and as adults
it is all about organising, packing and preparing.

It’s a stressful time for a child too as they may not fully understand what is going on or where they are going. Experts suggest the earlier children are told about moving house the better, so make sure the little ones know from the start so they have time to come to terms with moving and the changes that come with it. If you are planning a house move, here are some handy hints to help get the whole family through the process, as efficiently as possible.

Before the Big Move
  • Sit down and make a family wish list for your new home. Dad might want a study, the dog might want a bigger garden and your little one might want bunk beds!
  • Keep Positive. Kids can pick up on the smallest of anxieties so keep super positive about the move. Encourage them to ask questions and talk them through any moving worries they have.
  • Visit the new place you are moving too and check out the local parks and play areas. If the move is abroad, get on the internet and use Google maps to familiarise yourself and the kids with your new town.
  • Encourage them to get involved in decorating their new bedroom, ask them to build a collage and think about new furniture, colours and decor to really make it their own.
  • Make a memory box of their old house, with photos and treasures from their time there so they don’t feel like they are leaving it behind.
Move Day
  • Involve them as much as possible in packing and unpacking. Let them colour in their own packing boxes and allow them to decide where the furniture will go in their new room.
  • If you can, arrange for your children to go to a friend or relatives for a special treat on moving day.
  • If your children are at home get them involved and give them small tasks to do so they feel like they are helping.
  • Arrive at the house before the removals men, so the kids can explore the big open spaces in their new home before the furniture arrives.
Top Tips for Moving House with Kids
Wherever you are moving too, let Clockwork help make your move into one big adventure for all the family.
Call Clockwork Removals’ Wimbledon branch today on: 
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