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Last Updated on : 4th August 2013

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With the long summer holiday stretching out, it can be daunting to plan activities to fill every day of the summer. Thankfully, the very same tech that is often accused of dulling creativity can actually be used to boost dexterity, encourage imagination and keep kids occupied when it’s too darn hot to play outside. Here are seven of the best creative apps recommended by’s parents and experts, one for every day of the week!

1.     Puppet Workshop

A classic activity gets a modern make-over – and it’s so much fun! Kids can create and decorate all manner of sock puppets on the iPad.

Available for  iOS:

2.     Piano Dust Buster

What better time to finally master the piano than over the long holiday? Piano Dust Buster was recommended on by one of our experts, a music community manager, who says that it helped her 6-year-old. It’s free – and simple. All you need to do is place the device on the piano and start playing.

Available for iOS:

3.     Kids Finger Painting Art Game

Highly rated by Android users, but super-simple for little ones. This free app comes with over 120 colouring ‘pages’ to have virtual paint doused all over. It’s a 2013 version of buying a big bumper colouring book from the newsagents, but without the risk of crayon on the carpet.

Available for Android:

4.     Toca Boca Band

I can guarantee you will not get these songs out of your head for months! Toca Boca have an incredible knack of creating deceptively simple apps that actually get kids creating and, in the case of Toca Band, learning to apply techniques like laying, timing and using different sounds.

Available for iOS:

5.     Paper Camera

For budding teenage snappers, Paper Camera is a lovely little Android app that offers a different spin on photo filtering. Paper Camera allows real time editing, adding cartoons and styling. Available for £1.19.

Available for Android:

6.    Skitch

Skitch is a free app that brings the fluid finger painting approach to notes and memos. Add arrows, pictures, captions and more, it could provide a very handy way to spruce up homework.

Available for Android:

Available for iOS:

7.    ToonTastic

This free app was recommended by one of our experts who is an educational tech consultant and says it’s a fantastic way for kids to let their creativity shine. They can create their own cartoons and learn about storytelling along the way. Children can then share their finished videos on ‘ToonTube’.

Available for iOS:


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