Toddler hurt at cricket nets: be careful. Long-standing local restaurant closes. Solicitor mothers have zero work/life balance?

Last Updated on : 15th May 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

On Saturday night we had a new babysitter and, to make matters slightly more complicated, my young niece was staying over as well.

My sister-in-law was a little anxious so at 10pm I pinged over a text to the new sitter asking if everything was ok?

Five minutes later I received a reassuring reply telling me not to worry as both children were in bed.

Which wasn’t quite what we wanted to hear.

As she was meant to be looking after three.


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Treep warns everyone to be careful around the cricket nets on Clapham Common. Her little one has a nasty scar and even though she’s contacted the council it could take a while to fix. Hope he’s feeling OK and thanks for the warning! (read more)

Not everyone is happy with the pollarding on Chestnut Avenue/Tooting Common. I had NO idea what pollarding was until I read this! Having said that, to my untrained eye it does look a little extreme! (read more).

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First Aid for Life posts that around 2 million children attend A&E each year due to accidents and 76,000 have to be admitted to hospital.  Scary figures!  Take a look at their brilliant offer for online First Aid for Childhood Accidents course – just £20! (read more)


We have more health and fitness posts than Eurovision has cheesy songs!

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Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Australia had people asking why they’re allowed in Eurovision!

A part time sales/customer relationship role wanted for a local start-up (read more)  Sahconey is looking for an after-school nanny two days a week in Tooting with special needs experience. (read more)  A local charity is hoping to hire a part-time creche manager (read more)  CB44 is looking for a live-in nanny in Clapham (read more)  Happy is looking for a part-time housekeeper in Fulham (read more)  WhiteHat is looking for an outstanding accounting coach to teach 16 to 23 year olds (read more)  Have you got 2-3 hours a week free? If you do Homestart Lambeth would love to speak to you! (read more)


We have more schools questions than Eurovision had dancing gorrilas!

CDSW11 asks about the diversity of families at Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School?.(read more)   ST would like to know your feedback on secondary state schools in Clapham (read more). HS has posted about the proposed cuts to Wandsworth Schools (read more). RRS is moving to Battersea Bridge Road and is looking for local state versus private nursery options (read more)  MM35 is looking for recommendations for a nursery close to Wandsworth Common and Earlsfield with outside space (read more)  MamanClapham would love your thoughts on the Noah’s Ark Pre-School at Cobham Close (read more)  An update from BalhamDaddy about primary school waiting list stress and where he’s up to on the lists. Can anyone else share how their wait is going? (read more)


We have more House & Garden queries than…hmm we can’t think of anything else Eurovisiony!

K1LF is looking for a tiler and floor fitter in the Earlsfield area (read more)  Anyone happy to recommend their ISP (Internet Service Provider in case you were wondering)? (read more)  FirsttimerSW11 has a leak from her wet room down into the kitchen below which just won’t go away.  Who can help? (read more)  bunnypigeon1 is looking for garden designer/landscaping recommendations (read more)  Luckylorca is hoping to find a local builder who also decorates (sounds like Steven Segal in that film – I also cook!) (read more). Editrix would love to know who can paint the outside of her house while the scaffolding is up (read more)  Karen-twist is looking for a local handy man to do a few jobs around her salon in Clapham Junction. (read more)  Clara Bee has posted about a recent project for an artist’s studio (read more) WB would love your thoughts on whether or not to buy above a commercial property (read more). LilyJessica would love to know who you’d recommend for bi-fold doors (read more)  C19 is trying to work out a solution for curtains on (really) large sliding doors – anyone got any bright ideas? (read more). Phigoldenspiral needs some help with an underfloor heating fitting conundrum (read more).


It’s totally free to post your Wanted, For Sale and Recycling adverts

MHE25 is selling a Mamas and Papas travel cot (pic made me smile; is it for a bat?!) (read more)  Williamexcell is looking for a double pushchair – anyone selling?  (read more) CLK2002 is selling a Victorian bow-fronted cabinet (read more)



Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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