How to tell if my husband is having an affair? £43k for a new roof: really??? Biting: how common?

Last Updated on : 20th June 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My very young niece was visiting over the weekend.

Like any inquisitive child her every other word is “why?”.

When not asking questions she seems to spend the rest of her time talking about death.

Not because she’s some kind of child genius or tiny toddler goth, but the recent passing of a friend’s hamster brought home that all living things must eventually perish.

The combination of these two meant my Saturday was spent wandering up and down Northcote Road as she pointed at strangers and asked loudly, “will he die soon?”, “when will she die?”

We managed to keep a lid on the volume of her grim reaper pronouncements until a very elderly lady shuffled past dragging a shopping trolley.

“LOOK,” she squeaked, fingers excitedly jabbing at the pensioner, “SHE IS GOING TO DIE REALLY REALLY SOON.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1BB asks how she might tell if her husband is having an affair? Some extremely helpful feedback, thank you to everyone who has replied so far. When commenting please remember this is a real person with a very real dilemma (click here).

This week is BREXIT week and our own Nappy Valley poll has received over 700 votes! It clearly predicts a win for…well you’ll have to click here to find out but it’s pretty conclusive! Next week is also massive for handstands. Yes you read that right, the 25th of June is International Handstand Day (or “Le Journee De StandyHands” as it’s called in France) and our friends at Little Gym want to help you take part! (click here).

weekly1Richard Branson may be everyone’s favourite entrepreneur but the beardy billionaire is not a brilliant bestower of broadband. Seems Virgin Media had some big IT problems last week. I wondered if he tried to turn it off and on again? (click here)

Urban legend has it that one can tell if an area is on the “up” when the posh coffee shops and “fixie” bicycle shops move in. I think we just hit “peak gentrification” with the opening of a pop-up vegetable butcher in Wandsworth. Sheesh! (click here).

Last week Trinity Road was closed due to flooding. We have a picture to prove it. An Ark might be a better mode of transport if last weeks biblical downpours continue. A 4×4 German-made one obviously, but an Ark nonetheless (click here)

LuLubear wonders how common biting might be in a nursery environment? Her daughter has moved up a room and appears to be getting hurt on a regular basis (click here).

This is a brilliant question: Falconmum’s little one is about to enter the school system and she wonders how soon you book holidays now that you’re restricted by school term times? (click here)

weekly1MM would love your recommendations for a lawyer to help with a sexual harassment case. Sounds like it’s time to hire the amazing Jo again! (click here)From one type of lawyer to another, Manta needs a legal eagle for a Will (click here)

LLB wonders how to make a garden toddler-safe? A brilliant and potentially life-changing/saving question – thank you for posting (click here).

AH asks about the admin side of employing a nanny if she works P/T for you and P/T for another family? PAYE? Freelance? Cash in an envelope? Bitcoin (you can SO tell I run a website) (click here)

It’s PARTY TIME! The date for our world-famous (maybe!) summer party has been confirmed and this year the lovely Eddie Catz are our hosts (click here)There will be complimentary tea, coffee, juice, goody bags, balloons and play. Wow! Spaces are really limited so do sign-up if you want to join the party!

Two posts I want to mention together: the fantastic Fernwood Clinic in Balham have announced the launch of a new therapy service for children and young adults (click here) On the same theme, HA is looking for help for her twelve year old (click here)

JB wonders how to get rid of leg veins? (click here)From veins to, errr, au pair lessons…OK that link didn’t work but nevertheless SH is searching for an au pair English course? (click here)

Falconmum has put together a quick poll on “from birth” strollers. Do you have a strong opinion on the best buggy for babies? (click here)

Our news and reviews section just keeps growing. Resident foodie Rob tried out the pub quiz at The Goat. Jonathan at Hamptons has posted his latest property “market update”. Portico tell us all about the Spring/Summer design trendsLastly, Turquoise have rounded up all the options for holidaying in the Caribbean, thanks everyone!

weekly1Talking of Turquoise, there are only five days left to WIN A DREAM HOLIDAY TO THAILAND! (ciick here)

And whilst thinking of beaches, 40plus wonders if you can recommend a UV beach tent? (click here)

Freshairmum is worried. She has just had a 40 week appointment and is, quite frankly, unhappy with the quality of midwife care. What are her options? (click here)

JT wonders how she might find a flat-share as she has a toddler? Come on NappyValleyNet, let’s help this mum find a home! (click here)

AL has been off-roading her Bugaboo a little hard and has bust the chassis. Anyone know where she can get it fixed? (click here)

I LOVE this idea: confidence and resilience courses for kids. Top initiative from the lovely Role Models (click here)

MM wants to know where she get a spray tan? Chigwell? (click here)

We love Clara Bee, she is not only a top interior designer and project managerbut also a lovely lovely person. She has a new website and I’m suffering major home envy after checking it out! (click here)

We have a sports day full of school questions!

JJ would love any feedback on the King House school in Richmond (click here), DB wonders if you can tell her what Bonneville School is like? Her little one starts in September and she’d love some handholding (click here), NM asks the same but forBeatrix Potter (click here). SS would love to meet other families with children starting at Lion House in September (click here), There is a fabby French school in Fulham for 3-15 year olds teaching intensively on a Saturday  (click here), And the same but in Wimbledon! Wow, Saturday morning French is quite the thing at the moment! Thanks for posting ecole FLAM! (click here).

And a painting apron splashed full of nursery questions!

NB is looking for a nursery close to Ecole Wix which will take toddlers (click here) Jane74 would love feedback on Sticky Fingers Nursery (click here) IndyB the same but in addition to Sticky Fingers, The Mouse House SW18 (click here) Meerkat is moving to Clapham from South Africa and asks about Kids Unlimited and Bright Horizons? (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Ascot had brollies!

The lovely SS Peter and Paul Catholic primary school are looking for school support assistants (click here). A satellite company need an accounts payable assistant (click here)A firm of chartered surveyors near Clapham South need a part-time P.A. office manager (click here)Vicks needs a live-in au pair or nanny (click here) NM needs a Spanish teacher (click here) WWW is hoping to find a GCSE SEN English tutor for her dyspraxic son (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Trinity Road had flooding

MH asks if you know anything about Slimline aluminum bi-fold doors? (click here). SFK would love your general builder suggestions for smaller jobs (click here). Do you remember Erika was asking for advice on cleaning granite kitchen surfaces? Turns out Hub Kitchens knew all along! (click here). FORTY THREE THOUSAND POUNDS for a new roof? ML thought that was too high and it turns out if was! So why was a surveyor saying that was the cost? (click here) BB REALLY needs architecture recommendations-  any ideas (click here) Katem wonders if you’ve got the number for a great carpenter? (click here). Sparkletiger loves Freecycle and asks if there is a version for plants? (click here). Lastly, some seriously great advice on configuring the rooms when renovating, one big room or lots of little ones? (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Phil and Teds double buggy (click here), a Brabantia bin (click here) and a brand new white cot top changer (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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