SW11 murder: police appeal. Would you buy a house in this market? St John’s Hill pub must be rebuilt brick by brick

Last Updated on : 27th June 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My young niece has just headed back up north after an eventful few days in London.

A little part of her still lingers, however, in that we can never “un-hear” her version of a famous nursery rhyme.

On her final night, in collaboration with her cousins, she wanted to put on a “show” which climaxed with her singing the popular ditty.

About an arachnid in a downpour.

To add to the sense of theatre a web-weaving-eight-legged prop. was procured and my eldest managed to find a piece of old guttering which could easily pass for a water-pipe.

My niece screwed up her tiny face in concentration and then started sing/shouting…


My own children claim they had nothing to do with the amended lyrics but I am SO not convinced.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

weekly1Some dreadful news from SW11: police are appealing for witnesses to a murder in SW11. Our thoughts are with the victims family and friends. (click here).

BalhamMom writes what many people may have been thinking, “Thank you Boris you git.” A short post but quite succinct. And to the point (click here).

A developer who illegally demolished a St Johns Hill pub and was then ordered torebuild it brick by brick has now submitted plans to turn it into flats. Wow, I bet NO-ONE saw that coming. Bit like BREXIT really. (click here).

Sticking with developers, Wandsworth Council have posted to tell us that one has just had their application turned down to convert a parade of Southfield shops into flats. Thanks for posting WC! (click here).

weekly1Mummybear thinks she might have cow parsley in her garden. She’s posted a photo and wonders if you can help identify the secret shrub? Once she knows what it is she’s going to kill it so any suggestions for withering the weed gratefully received! (click here)

ActuallyADad is hunting for a Christening gift which isn’t junk. Any ideas, he asks? A “Richard Dawkins” first edition? (click here)

It’s almost the Northcote Road summer fete. Looking for the rundown on the stands, bands and errr food? (I couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with hands!).Check out our preview article! We’ll be there with TWO THOUSAND balloons so come along, say “hi” and stop Mr NVN eating all the hog roasts!

Last week Trinity Road was closed due to flooding and this week it’s the turn ofQueenstown Road. We have the picture to prove it! You know I said last week that an Ark might be a better mode of transport if the rain continued well I’m going to open an Ark factory if this goes on for one more week. But in Poland. Just to annoy Boris. (click here)

Honeywell School is 125 years old and as part of their celebrations they’re looking to make contact with any old Honeywellians! If you’re an “ex” then do get in touch (click here).

weekly1TwoGirls (wonder how many children she has and if they’re boys or girls?) is looking for a delightful dentist for the whole family. Know of a delightful, and not demon, driller? (click here). Sticking with great dentists, Glow have posted that the wonderful Dr Marie Baldo is back from maternity leave! Yay! She’s working Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday and some Saturdays so act quickly before she gets booked up! (click here).

Avocado is thinking of having a boob job. She’d love to her from any other mums who have gone for a little, ahem, cosmetic enhancement? (click here)

Naturpath wonders if she can sell her Wimbledon tickets? The answer appears to be a firm no (click here).

Two puppy posts! Aloha is looking for puppy socialisation classes. I really had no idea that was a “thing” (click here)It can’t be Winkie Speirs, she adds, as she’s already fully booked. I have no idea what that last sentence means even though I typed every letter! From canine social skills to breed choices: JH wonders if you can suggest a family-friend dog breed? (click here)I’m tempted to recommend a French Poodle to show solidarity with our European cousins but I know nothing about dogs.

It’s PARTY TIME! Our world-famous (maybe!) summer party is today- thanks Eddie Catz! (click here)

weekly1Alchemy wonders if you can recommend self-defence classes for her son who is soon off to secondary school? (click here) 

NYV is moving to the Nightingale triangle – can you suggest a mobile phone provider who has great reception? (click here) EE are wonderful and used to be part of France Telecom. Which is nice.

ERT is looking for a sports coach who can run a class for a group of toddlers on Clapham Common. Usual sports required: hang gliding, archery and eventing (click here)

Two mummy meet-up posts. Lunalu wonders if any mums are due in October (click here) and Tweezer is a Canadian mum in Balham looking to meet others (click here)

I’ve had an email for a local mum asking if I can include a link to a petition requesting a second referendum? It would be my pleasure! (click here)

weekly1Vhopeful wonders if now is a good time to buy a house? Or should she wait for the dust to settle? (click here)

Our friends at LifestylebyASQ have two ex-display kitchens for sale. They’re based just off Abbeville Village so nice and local as well! (click here)

Last week I mentioned the lovely Clara Bee and her fabby new website. But I put the wrong link in! D’oh! Proper link is here and her new website really is ace! (click here)

We have more school posts than Glastonbury has mud!

Windmill wonders if there is any point putting  down Bolingbroke down on a school application – is it true they only take from their feeder schools? (click here), SB has a similar question but for Furzedown Primary. Will a reception place for Septemberbecome available, she asks? (click here), A week ago I would have rejoiced in this question: Astolat asks “how French” is the Wix primary school? Somehow seems less fun after Thursday night’s vote (click here). Tigerlily wonders if anyone has a date for the Wandsworth Test, she knows it has moved but not sure when to? (click here)Yellowbird have posted details of their summer holiday creative writing workshops – thanks Yellowbird – they’re perfect for next year’s 11+ (click here), Lastly, Marieau is moving from Belgium to Wimbledon for the Autumn term and would love a tutor to help prepare her Dutch/French/English speaking children (click here).

We have more nursery posts than Adele has fans!

The Marmalade family are opening a new nursery! Wow, on top of their existing (and extremely popular locations) they’ll be opening the Marmalade Owl in September in Clapham South! Great news and good luck! (click here) On the same theme, a new boutique nursery is opening in Fulham in Parsons Green and Fulham Broadway (click here) Good luck too!

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than Wimbledon has tennis balls

We love the reCentre and they’re looking for a business support/administrator candidate (click here)Battersea resident needs early evening help 2-3 days a week (click here)AB needs a nanny in Battersea (click here)VouchedFor have a selection of flexible financial coach roles (click here) Con24 is hoping to find a student architect for a home renovation project (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Bale has Welsh fans!

Do you know the lovely Stacks on Nightingale Lane? You don’t? Well they’reproperty search people and they’re now a NappyValleyNet partner. Delighted to be working with you and welcome to the family! (click here).

Franklens is hoping to find someone to make curtains for a Juliette balcony (click here). DJB would love your plantation shutter suggestions (click here). Seabel asks the same but for sash windows (click here). NN needs a dog friendly cleaner (click here) QB wants to recommend a tree surgeon (click here) O2012 needed a roof specialist and has some interesting feedback on one of NVN’s regular recommendations – thank you! (click here). Lastly, our topic on configuring rooms during a renovation just keeps running. Some great advice – thanks everyone! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a brand new Mima Xari stroller (click here), a Maxi Cosi car seat (click here) and AB is looking to buy a playpen (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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