St Anthony’s Girls Celebrate School Expansion on First Birthday

Last Updated on : 15th September 2017

The first ever intake of Year 2 girls has arrived at St Anthony’s School for Girls, cementing the school’s impressive ‘Reception to Year 4’ offering.

At the Golders Hill based school, classes in Reception and Year 3 opened in September 2016, with pupils moving up to Year 1 and Year 4 at the start of this term. The creation of the Year 2 class allows the school to fully accommodate pupils from Reception through to Year 4, and organic growth will see the introduction of Year 5 and Year 6 as pupils move through the school.

St Antony's School for Girls Pupils welcomes new Year 2 pupils

Head teacher Laura Flannery comments: “We have had a fabulous first year. Those pupils who were with us for the last 12 months – our inaugural year, have flourished enormously both academically and personally. They have benefitted from our small class sizes, allowing for tailored pupil support, to maximise the potential of each and every one of our girls. This has been further enhanced by our forward thinking teaching systems, such as the use of the Singapore Maths Technique, which has really built the confidence of our pupils in tackling challenging maths problems.

 “We are now excited to welcome new pupils to the school as part of the newly created Year 2 year group, together with pupils who have joined other year cohorts as our growing reputation spreads.”

St. Anthony’s School for Girls facilitates the achievement of academic excellence, in a caring and highly supportive, individualistic environment.

Alpha Plus Group owns and operates eighteen first-class independent schools, nurseries and sixth form colleges. The Group stands for excellence in education provision, known as the Gold Standard. By providing first-class learning, children and young people are able to achieve their full potential in a challenging yet secure and caring environment. Teaching throughout the Group combines the best of traditional and modern methods and provides access to the latest classroom technology.



For more information of St Anthony’s School for Girls please contact Jessica Green,
the school administrator, on: 020 38693070 or

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