Head Teacher Profiles continued…


Joe Croft
Head Teacher at Ravenstone
Primary School from September
2016 (previously Deputy Head at The Smallberry Green Primary School, Hounslow)

What do you love about your new school?
My first impressions were the beaming smiles from the enthusiastic and polite children who welcomed me. Every member of staff I met and every child I spoke to impressed me with their drive and passion to improve.

What is your vision for the school?
The continuous improvement of every aspect of school life. We seek to deliver an outstanding educational experience for children of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Enthusiasm, enjoyment, creativity, imagination and high expectations of both pupils and staff are at the centre of a wide variety of learning activities. I hope to see staff develop into successful leaders who continue to improve. This will ensure that every child will be treated as an individual and provided with every opportunity to flourish and become a successful young adult.


What changes are you hoping to make?
The school has worked tirelessly to introduce changes needed to ensure the quality of education is “good”. This was achieved when Ofsted visited this year. I will build on this and introduce key changes to improve outcomes for pupils and the confidence of staff to deliver outstanding lessons. I want children to come into school with a smile on their face knowing that they will be challenged, respected and expected to work hard on a broad curriculum that develops them academically, personally and socially.

What challenges do you face?
The school is full of passionate, hardworking teachers who want the best for the children and by fostering and encouraging this ethos, challenges will be overcome. I want parents to come and view the wonderful work that is going on, how happy the children are, the constantly improving results, the focus on the whole child and the quality of learning.


Mark Smith
Headmaster of Northcote Lodge since September 2015

What do you love about your school?
It is the only prep school in London which offers the same holistic education as the top country prep schools. We have a long school day with boys staying for prep, tea and after-school activities, allowing us a real insight into each boy, getting to know them really well.


What is your vision for the school?
I’ve spent my first year auditing everything we do. The Independent Schools Inspectorate recently judged us to be an excellent school. I want the school to continue to provide an outstanding education, providing academic and pastoral support for every boy.

What changes are you hoping to make?
While I don’t have any plans for major changes there are minor adjustments. We are welcoming some excellent new staff and are looking forward to improving the range of specialist sports coaches.

What challenges do you face?
The school is very over subscribed. The biggest challenge we face is that we can’t accommodate many of the boys who apply. Space in London is always an issue and we have to think creatively to provide the best facilities we can.


Alasdair Kennedy
Headmaster at Trinity School from September 2016
(previously Deputy Master Academic at Dulwich College)

What do you love about your new school?
You get a strong sense of a very supportive but ambitious and purposeful community. The range of opportunities is extraordinary, and pupils thrive both academically and in their co-curricular interests. There is a culture of excellence without the elitism or sense of entitlement among our pupils that sometimes come with it. We have a very strong commitment to access, with 50% of pupils receiving fee support. Lastly, the site is a great asset – bright, modern and functional buildings with acres of green space, yet so close to London.

What is your vision for the school?
To ensure that pupils leave us as confident, teachable, highly qualified and employable young people, with the character to be influencers for good. We are committed to developing the broader skills and interests of each pupil, while acknowledging that a foundation of excellent academic credentials will open up the best opportunities for them.


What changes are you hoping to make?
I am very ambitious for Trinity. We are confident that our education prepares pupils well for university or work, but responding to changes in the demands of these environments will continue to shape our provision. In terms of success in life in its broadest sense the research has never been clearer. Qualities such as zest, grit, curiosity, gratitude, social intelligence and self-control matter most, so our task is to nurture these even more effectively in our pupils.

What challenges do you face?
The biggest factor behind pupil success and enjoyment is quality of teaching. The challenge for Trinity is to continue as a market leader in teaching and learning, and in the way that we develop each individual.


Floyd Steadman
Headmaster at Cumnor House Boys’ School from September 2016
(previously Headmaster at Clifton Lodge)

What do you love about your new school?
The atmosphere when you walk in. The boys are very polite, respectful and hard working. All have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events and activities, both in and outside the classroom. Many reach very high standards academically, in the performing arts and on the sports field. They clearly really enjoy their school experiences.

What is your vision for the school?
For Cumnor House Boys to remain the leading 13+ prep school in the area; for teachers to be passionate about their subjects and inspire the boys; for pupils to achieve more than they thought possible and to be involved in the many different areas of school life.


What changes do you intend to make?
In a successful school like Cumnor House, one does not need to make wholesale changes. There will certainly be some fine tuning. I want to enhance certain facilities within the school. I also see opportunities to work more closely with the equally successful Cumnor House Girls’ School.

What challenges do you face?
Competition for places at the best senior schools in the area remains high. We must make sure Cumnor House pupils are best placed to be successful in the assessment process. I believe it is also important to maintain high academic standards in Sat Key Stage 3. This will ensure that our boys transition smoothly to their senior schools, where we know they become excellent role models for other students.


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