Pan-London Admissions Board: London’s performance on secondary school admissions 2016

Last Updated on : 22nd April 2016

Almost three thousand additional pupils have been offered a place at one of their preferred secondary schools this year compared to last year, according to figures released today by the Pan-London Admissions Board.

Demand for secondary school places has increased by more than three per cent this year alone. This increase highlights the emerging pressure London is facing as London’s primary growth begins to work its way through to secondary schools.

89 per cent of London pupils starting secondary school in September have been offered a place at one of their top three choices, with 69 per cent getting their first preference school.

94 per cent of pupils in London – more than 81,000 pupils – have received a place at one of their six preferred schools this year, the same percentage as last year.

Chair of the Pan London Admissions Board, Helen Jenner, said: “Demand for secondary school places in the capital is on the rise as the primary pressure works its way through the system. Local authorities have worked hard to put in place plans to meet this increased demand so that more pupils are offered a school place of their choice in London.”

“Today’s figures show that despite the rise in the number of applications, preference rates have not dropped. In fact the percentage of pupils that received their first preference place increased slightly.”

“Excellent school leadership across London has meant its schools have been the best in the country since 2008, with outcomes well above the national levels. Parents are keen to secure a school place in London and have a wider choice of good schools available to them than elsewhere.”

“The pan-London admissions scheme distributes places in a fair and transparent way based on the eligibility criteria and number of places available at each school. It is important to recognise that not all parents and pupils can be offered their first preference, because there are simply not an unlimited number of places at each school. However, there are sufficient places in London schools to meet overall demand.”

Pan-London Admissions 2016 FAQs and stats DOWNLOAD document

Pan-London Admissions Board

01 March 2016


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