Offered school place but want to move, can we keep it? Romany to be sold to community? Tips to keep little ones safe in the water!

Last Updated on : 4th August 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

It was my daughter’s birthday last week.

To celebrate she wanted to take a small group of friends out for supper and, as a budding control freak, she insisted that she’d choose and book the restaurant.

She told us she’d heard about a fab restaurant in Brixton from another friend, so we let her sort out the details with our roles reduced to just transport and cash.

On the day in question her friends were dropped off by their own parents and we all piled into the car to set off.

Mr NVN asked for the postcode for the SatNav.

“BN1…”, started my daughter, reading off a piece of paper with the address.

“That can’t be right,” he interrupted, “that’s Brighton.”

“Brighton, Brixton are they different?” she asked.

There was a pause then Mr NVN replied, “no, not at all, we’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

I looked at him in that wide-eyed questioning way one uses to signify total panic without actually saying anything.

“Cancel the other one,” he whispered and then louder so the girls in the back could hear, “I think you’ll like it although it’s recently change it’s name to Franco Manco.”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Offered school place but want to move*STOP PRESS* the Romany site could be saved! The “new” owner has decided to sell it to the “community”. It’s early days but this could be REALLY good news!…click here for details

On a similar (ish) theme, Rooting4tooting is keen for an update on the Springfield Hospital development…click here for details

Amelie’s Follies has a SALE! I bought an AMAZING bikini from there for my holiday, I’d forgotten how lovely it is to be “fitted” properly!…click here for details

Mum 2000’s son is 15 months old and he’s started walking! Yay! But now he’s using this new found freedom to hit other children. Boo! Any tips for nipping this behavior in the bud?…click here for details

TWO school catchment area questions: RuthieR has an offer from Belleville but she’s looking to move. Can she accept it and then move? Uh-oh, step away from this thread, it could get messy! (click here). Sticking with the theme, is it feasible to “force” the sale of the Church on Nightingale Lane for another free school?…click here for details

SJH Mummy wants your opinions on High View School, anyone going this year?click here

MMM is thinking of selling her house but can’t decide whether to put it on the market now or wait until September? Some great advice from Jonathon at Hamptons…click here for details

Sticking with property, if you’re looking to move, don’t forget our new school catchment area map!…click here for details

Roslynpj is considering a move to Streatham (currently in Wandsworth) and would be interested in comments from residents as to what they like and dislike about the area. *I* have tons of friends around Telford Park and they love it…click here for details

Anna1103 is looking after a 20 month baby boy who has been diagnosed with autism and is looking for advice on preschools playgroups around Clapham. Suggestions?…click here for details

VM would love information about secondary schools – can someone explain the system? They saw very helpful posts explaining the primary school system to non-Brits, and would love to have the same thing for secondary schools in the private system…click here for details

Our friends at Gambado are hosting their very first Christmas Charity Evening. It’s at Christmas, obviously, but they want to know if anyone would like a stall!…click here for details

Offered school place but want to movePuddleDucks have posted tips to keep your little ones safe in the water (click here) and they have a vacancy for a  “Part Time Poolside Assistant” role in Tooting. You could be teaching the Tom Daley of the future! …click here for details

TWO “lost and found”: 1) WM12 has lost a blue blanket and she’s devasted. Her son has had it since birth and it’s so so precious for them both (click here) and 2) SkylarkCafe have found a giraffe, not a real one but a cuddly toy. If you’ve lost one they’re looking after it! If it was a real one I wonder if they’d look after that one too?…click here for details

Ristorante Ichnusa are proud to announce that they now deliver!…click here for more details 

Some “meet-up” and friendship requests:

Cornish Tiger have set up a (rather unusual) reading corner in their new cafe/restaurant next to Clapham Common (click here)Futuremaman’s mum has been taking English lessons for over a year now and would love to make some English friends to improve her language skills (click here)Do you need a lodger? Threeboys is asking on behalf of a lovely lady in her early sixties (click here)

On the activities side:

IndyB is looking for feedback on Hartbeeps, they are signed up for Monkey Music in September, but wondered if Hartbeeps would be a good option as well? (click here). Do you have an opinions on the Little Gym in Wandsworth?(click here),   Do you know a coach for a budding Andy Murray? Pixi needs recommendations for good tennis courses (click here)Smandi asks if anyone know of an ante natal course running around Clapham South between August and October? (click here),  “Chocks away!” MB asks if you or partner used to be in the Air Training Corps? (click here)

Our friends at KidsUnlimitied have posted details of their “Summer Learning Fun Club” throughout July and August. It’s an 8 week programme for children aged 3 years to 8 years with themed activities including art, science, literacy, mathematics and sports…click here for details

Mum2babyboy is in the process of setting up an on-line boys boutique, and would love any mums to test her beta website, you don’t have to purchase, just would just love your opinion…click here for more details

Sjh86 needs some ‘bath toy’ help and is looking a range of toys for ages 6 months to 18 months…click here for details

We have SO many animal posts this week, they have their own corner! (woof! woof!)

Swan158 needs a puppy sitter for their new puppies (click here) Alb1985 is searching for a dog walker (click here) and Wandsworthmummy12 is interested in doing some house sitting or pet sitting…click here for details

Can you help answer these travel queries?:

WimbledonAFC is considering travelling to New Zealand to see family. Any suggestions for stop overs on the way! Take me! (click here) RunnerBean is desperately looking for late availability on some family friendly hotels or cottages for the August bank holiday (click here)  Row is driving to Edinburgh and would like to stop on the way. Any good places for stopovers? Not Middlesbrough. Anywhere but Middlesbrough. Mr NVN is from there and if you pass through don’t stop until you see the signs for Newcastle! (click here)Lastly, Worsley was wondered if anyone has experience of taking car seats on airplanes?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than Usain Bolt’s PR consultant:

Mary-in-Earlsfield is looking for affordable ceiling chandeliers.  I know someone who broke a chandelier by swinging off it whilst “entertaining” her boyfriend! Your secret is safe with me! (click hereRionne wants to clean and re-seal her kitchen floor which is black slate stone, can you recommend an good company? (click here). Mmb is looking for recommendations for choosing a burglar alarm? (click here) Sw11_ wants to sell her kitchen. Feasible? (click here) Joolia wants to give ‘Interior Elegance London’ a big shout out for their fabulous help…click here for more details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: a Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat & Isofix base for £45 o.n.o (click here)a huge maternity bundle size 8 for £100 ono (click here) and a AMBY baby hammock for £110 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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