Negotiating “me time” money with husband? Another shop to close on Northcote Road. Apple UK to come to Battersea.

Last Updated on : 3rd October 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Am I looking less pretty and you looking more pretty, or is it the other way around?”

My daughter was sitting in the kitchen staring at her reflection in a hand mirror.

“Errr I’m not sure what you mean?” I replied.

“Well yesterday someone said I looked just like you but if that’s true then you look like a young girl or,” there was a pause whilst I could sense her choosing her words carefully, “I look like an old woman.”

Well maybe not so carefully after all.

Both Mr NappyValleyNet and my son seemed to suddenly find the back of the same cereal packet extremely interesting, keen to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Then something amazing happened.

In spite of having the tact and diplomacy skills of Kim Jong Un, Mr NVN managed to make an awkward situation better by opening his mouth.

“It’s not that either of you are getting more or less pretty,” he said, “it’s that just you’re both pretty in some different and then some of the same ways.”

I had absolutely no idea what he meant but I was happy to take it and move on, my daughter however had different ideas…

“So basically she’s old, right?”


Here is the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

MoneyforMeTime asks how you negotiated a personal allowance for non-essentials with your other half? She’s struggling to afford nail/hair/gym/lunch and wonders how you make it work? (click here).

weekly1-copyTech giant Apple is opening it’s brand new UK HQ right here in Nappy Valley. Really it is! That means we can go and shout loudly in reception when our children spend a fortune on in-app purchases. Maybe. (click here).

Another shop is closing down on Northcote Road. Perhaps we’ll get an Apple Store instead? (click here)

Fifteen year old girls sneaking alcohol into a “dry” house party? One local mother shares some very helpful advice – thank you! (click here).

Should you allow your children to be bored? JulianTennisCoach has posted a very sensible article about this very subject (click here). Thanks Julian! Although if they’re sneaking in the vodka as per the last post maybe they’re not so bored after all!

Goldhawk is one of our regular users and she’s looking for a short term let around Thanksgiving. Know of anywhere? Does AirBnB “work” in Nappy Valley? (click here)

FWM is hoping to find a puppy sitter? Any idea who might protect her pooch? (click here)

weekly1-copyIs Heathrow trying to “bribe” local residents over its expansion plans? Four local councils, including Wandsworth, think it is! Ooooh, I’ll have a “Supermarket Sweep” in Terminal Five duty free if there are bungs to be had! (click here).

NappyValleyNet has decided to come out firmly in favour of the Heathrow Expansion…Ok, Ok I’m joking!

Do you remember that last week I mentioned the gorgeous and wonderful Skylark Autumn Supper Club? (click here). Well, they’ve just posted that you can also hire their fabby space for Xmas parties. All together now…”So Here It Is Merry Xmas Everybodys…” (click here)

Clapham NCT are also lovely people and they have a scary Halloween event on the 15th of October. Mr NVN spent our entire NCT course shrieking when anyone discussed the more “technical” aspects of childbirth. They could scare him rigid just by showing one of their training videos! (click here)

weekly1-copyYou know the amazing Joanna Martin? She’s Nappy Valley’s “go-to” employment lawyer and she’s moved firms so be sure to update your address book! (click here)

KZ is looking for a good dietitian for a 19 month old. “Dr” Gillian McKeith need not apply! (click here)

Gail hopes to find a gorgeous and not too expensive restaurant around the Seven Dials. Know of anywhere? (click here)

A bundle of meet-up posts! Pippa wants to catch up with other toddler mums (click here). CordyK and a bundle of September babies are getting together – feel free to join! (click here) We still have a ton of au pairs who want a night out – shout if you know of one! (click here).

AB wants to tell you all about the Baby Room, they have nurseries across Clapham/Balham and Battersea (click here).

SparkleTiger is hoping to find an adult swim coach. Know who can turn her into Nappy Valley’s very own Rebecca Adlington? (click here)

Do you know anything about the Trinity Field’s fireworks? Zozo would love to know more if you do (click here).


We have more school posts than Trump has hidden tax returns!

Chestnut Grove is getting some GREAT feedback, and that’s before those new buildings are even finished! (click here). On the same theme, LittleHat asks for feedback onChestnut Grove, Burntwood and Graveney (click here). YellowSubmarine is hoping to find someone who can prepare her little one for Alleyns 9+ entry? (click here). KB would love to know what you think of the Harris Academy Battersea? (click here). Don’t forget to check out all the local open mornings (click here) and if you’d like a print copy of our Schools Guide just send me your postal address.

Sticking with schools, the incredibly useful Independent Schools Show is back and (Hollywood voice-over) it’s bigger and better than ever. NappyValleyNet has an exclusive FREE TICKET OFFER – just enter thxnvalley as your discount code and you’ll receive yours absolutely FREE!…click here for details

If you love books and would like to help encourage reading in local schools then please pop down to Wimbledon Bookfest. Beanstalk is an incredible literacy charity doing great work and you can find out how to get involved at this SW19 event! (click here)

Another event we simply must mention is the wonderful Clapham Pregnancy and Birth Show. This year it’s moved venues to Henry Cavendish school and it’s THIS WEEKEND!


Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than the FA has HR issues!

Redwood Contractors need a P/T administrator, they’re Clapham based (click here).TumbleTots are looking for a new member of staff. Must be able to tumble. And drink tots of rum (click here). SD is hoping to find a nanny who can speak Spanish. Hola! Dora! (click here). Lastly, VA Clapham is a virtual assistant based in Clapham!(click here).


We have more travel posts than Ed Balls has dodgy dance moves!

FalconMum wonders whom she should book with for a May holiday in the Maldives? (click here). Have you tried the wonderful Turquoise? (click here). Sheel would love your European Xmas holiday destination recommendations (click here). Gillak and her husband have a child-free night away booked! Yay! Where should they go? The first person to suggest the Balham Travel Lodge and McDonalds gets banned! (click here). Beulah won our Camp Suisse competition back in July. To say her son loved it is an understatement! We’re delighted he loved it! (click here).


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Great British Bake Off has second thoughts about Channel Four!

Dirou1889 needs windows help! The see-through not the software kind. He’s been spec’d some ridiculously (his words) expensive windows. Can you help him with his hardwood question? (click here). Sticking with windows, sort-of, BB  needs a local blind company (click here) Applemum is hoping you can suggest someone to fix her electric cooker? (click here). D&P has a new house with a blocked off fireplace. Who might check it’s been done “properly”? (click here) WM needs a conveyancing solicitor (click here). Emken wonders if “Quookers” are worth installing in a new kitchen? (click here) DJ wants to recommend Stark and Greensmith fence panels – thanks DJ! (click here). Lastly, CM wants your recommendations for a lovely company who can install a gorgeous bathroom! Avocado suites all round! (click here)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Rain Forest Jumperoo (click here), an Ikea PAX wardrobe (click here) WANTED a Tripp Trapp (click here)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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