How to make your loft safe for your children

Last Updated on : 3rd February 2017

Do you have a baby on the way? Perhaps you would like to create a brand new bedroom for your intrepid toddler? A growing family is one of the most common reasons for choosing a loft conversion, but when fitting out a bedroom for young children there are plenty of extra things to think about to ensure your child’s room is safe for them to grow up in.

The bedroom

All large peices of furniture in your child’s room should be fixed to the walls or floor. Children may attempt to climb onto their furniture, and having it fixed in place will ensure it doesn’t topple over. If the room has eaves or a sloping ceiling, installing specially fitted storage units is an excellent way of making the most out of the space, whilst being safe for children.

You also need to think carefully about what kind of shelving, if any, you want in your child’s room. You may decide to keep some of your child’s things within reach, or that everything should be inaccessible, so they need to ask you to get things for them. It may be a good idea to keep their favourite toys within reach, so they don’t take risks to try and get them for themselves, as you can’t always be on hand. Avoid putting anything fragile or heavy on the shelves anywhere in your child’s room.

It’s also vital to consider the electrical outlets and appliances in the bedroom. Hide or employ wire guards for any electrical cables which may be within reach, and make sure the outlets are protected, either with plug covers or safe-plates.



If the window sill is low enough for a child to potentially reach, including with the use of furniture or boxes, you should fit a window guard so it is unable to open wide enough for them to climb out. If you want to fit blinds, make sure they are either cordless or designed to be child-safe. If you’d prefer to use curtains, choose some that stop at the window ledge so your child won’t be able to pull on or climb up them.


Stair safety

Any new bedrooms you create for your children in a loft conversion will, of course, only be accessible by a flight of stairs. Make sure you have a safety gate installed at the top and bottom  so your child can’t injure themselves when you’re not around.

For more general advice on keeping your children safe in the home, you can find lots of great information on the NHS website.

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