The London Guide to Residential Basement Extensions

Last Updated on : 15th September 2017

For those of you who are thinking about extending your SW London home with a basement extension, we have created a handy step by step guide from concept through to completion to help people through the maze of decisions that need to be made at different stages of the process.


As everyone is aware, basements can add significant value to your property; for example, if your property is worth £750 per Sqr Ft, then you can expect a return on investment of typically 1.3. They are also amazing enhancements to your lifestyle; these are some of the rooms and types of accommodation that we are seeing basements being used for:

ensoul-london-guide-residential-basement-extensions_cover-1• cinema room
• kids’ playroom
• adult/teenager games room
• wine cellar and wine tasting room
• gym/sauna/spa
• swimming pool
• massage room
• sanctuary
• nanny, granny and teenage flats
• bar/nightclub dance floor
• bowling alley
• recording/music studio

As a principle, we recommend you dig deep (4M) to get a high ceiling (2.7M to 3M), put in light wells (and roof lights where possible) in order to get an incredible space that feels just as good, if not better than your accommodation upstairs.

Our guide will explain how Ensoul Architectural Design can take you all the way from initial interest, through the planning application process, builder selection/negotiation/contracting and then into construction and handover.

Step by step guide

What follows is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to basements from first concept through to final handover. This same sequence equally applies to under-house as well as under-garden basements although some of the emphasis/detail will be different in some of the steps.

Click here to download the guide.




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