Local Thai restaurant has ZERO stars for food hygiene. Trinity Fields saved! Cycle lane for Tooting?

Last Updated on : 11th September 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’d just returned from a visit to my daughter’s school.

It was a “Meet Your New Teacher” evening and my youngest was half-heartedly listening to Mr NVN waffle on about how he approved of their plans for the forthcoming year.

“And I can sit in on any lessons I want, ” he said, “at any time.”

That got her attention.

“Yeah right,” she sneered, “like they’d ever allow THAT to happen!”

“It’s true,” he said, “but only if your homework isn’t good enough, they said I can just wander in and sit next to you in lessons if it’ll help you improve.”

Then with a flourish he produced a plastic school pass, complete with lanyard, and placed it rather theatrically, on the kitchen table.

My daughter shot up the stairs like a scalded cat, I assume to start her homework.

“I forgot to hand back the visitors pass when we left,” he said in response to my stunned expression, “but I wonder if we can hang onto it till she’s gone to university?”


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

You know those food hygiene scores? Well one local Thai restaurant scored ZEROstars and needs urgent improvement (read more).

Nappy Valley was the talk of the town last week, well Thomas’s Battersea was thanks to Prince George and his first day at school. Welcome to the neighbourhood! I wish they’d put something about this in the newspapers, I had no idea it was his first day! (read more)

A number of people have been named and shamed for using other people’s Blue Badges to park in disabled bays (read more).

RT has posted that the future of Trinity Fields has been secured for the next 50 years. That’s great news, I love watching other people exercise on Trinity Fields whilst I eat a Flotsam smashed avo sandwich (read more).

A. asks you to sign the petition to save Tooting’s Sound Lounge from developer’splans. It sounds very young and very trendy. I bet they don’t have string quartets and madrigals on the bill! (read more)

TFL have proposed some changes to the cycling and pedestrian routes along Tooting Bec Road. I love watching people pedal around Tooting Common whilst I eat a Tartine smashed avo sandwich! (read more)

H has posted a warning for anyone who parks in the B&Q car park. I know exactly what she means! I used to use that car park when going to the gym, well I used it twice, because that’s how often I went to the gym! (read more)

Amt is looking for a local marketing and PR who can help with her new business (read more).  I’d hang around the Bell Pottinger offices, I think a few of them might be looking for a change

M is private chef living locally who would love to come and cook for you. You have NO idea how much I want to take him up on this offer (read more).

K is looking for someone to produce healthy meals and deliver two to three times a week. Maybe K should meet M (love it when this happens!) (read more).

There’s an evening of Molecular Gastronomy near Clapham Junction soon for any daring cooks out there (read more). I may well see you there! Smashed avo has molecules, right?

F’s queries regarding gestational surrogacy has had some great responses. Thank you everybody! (read more)

SLD asked for honest feedback on Balham and a ton of you have replied. Better than Earlsfield? Better than Dulwich? Better than Tooting? Move over Phil and Kirstie… (read more).

GD73 says if you want to stop BREXIT then join him on a march Ooooh that’s a bit political! (read more).

H’s request for help for a friend who is drinking and smoking whilst pregnant has got lots of you talking (read more).

V is looking for temporary help at home in October for that crucial teatime, bath time, bedtime window! (read more)

L is looking for party venue suggestions for her son’s 18th birthday.  He wants to invite over 100 people and they, very very very wisely, would like it not to be at their house…! (read more)

M&m wants to know which is the best Keratin hair treatment and where to get it done? (read more)

D asks what’s the smartest way to transfer money to their son who is studying for a year in the US (read more), and, rather sadly linked to this post, the $600 she transferred to her son has now gone missing! (read more)

Thank you for your suggestions of where to go for great cocktails. We’re busy working our way through… (read more).

And 2b is looking for someone to set up and design a website (read more).

If you have fussy eaters in your brood, then The Parent and Baby Coach have joined forces with Wyld Cookery School to offer a Toddler Eating Workshop (for grown-ups after hours and a glass of wine!) (read more)

LL has posted about a scam involving the buying of gift cards linked to PPI. Don’t be had! (read more)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you’re recommending places to get them re-set (read more)

TL has lost a FitBit (read more).


We have more travel posts than Strictly has celebrities you’ve never heard of! 

Our friends at Travel Designers are recruiting. Applicant mustn’t be afraid of flying! Ok, that’s not in the post but I thought it should be! (read more)  MM asks if Ibiza is a good idea in October? (read more)  N is off to Glynn Barton Cottages soon and asks if you have any recommendations of what to do and where to visit when there? (read more)


Looking for a new challenge? We have more “Sits Vac” than Strictly has dodgy dance routines!

An office administrator is needed in Southside (read more).  A small media business in Mortlake is looking for a part time sub-editor (read more).  Wandsworth Mediation Service are hoping to hire a Service Manager (read more).  Could you be a PA to two directors of a major residential development company in central London? (read more).  G is looking for a student to help an Earlsfield family Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm (read more).  L wants part time opportunities in the area following a career change decision (read more).  M would love a nanny share near Northcote Road  (read more).  B needs an after school nanny on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Balham (read more).


We have more activities posts than Strictly has celebrity romances!

This sound fab!  A talk on Fashion in Art at Fresh Ground today (read more).  It’s Open House London next weekend and you can enter a ballot to be in with a chance of a tour around the iconic Battersea Power Station (read more).  The Language Web has posted details of its new term of English classes ideal for au pairs (read more).  St Mark’s want to tell you all about their Parenting Children course if you’re looking for practical tips and tools (read more).  Football at Burntwood is starting on Saturdays for boys and girls aged from 4 up to 11 (read more).  Cheeky Kitchen run regular cookery sessions for little people in Tooting Bec (read more).  Mini and Little Stars Drama and Dance Classes are for 2 to 4 year olds near Northcote Road (read more).  Storytelling Through Art is a new class for 6 to 11 year olds in Wimbledon (read more).  Patient and friendly guitar lessons for little ones (or adults!) (read more).


We have more schools questions than Strictly has rude judges!

Eaton Square Upper School opened its doors for the first time this week with 106 pupils starting their first day at 106 Piccadilly! (read more)  Sydenham High School begins a new term with a newly launched website and details of their open days (read more).  James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS) has just welcomed the school year’s new intake with increased support for low income parents (read more).  P needs your help choosing between Chestnut Grove or St Cecilia’s (read more).  E asks which secondary schools to apply to with good SENCO teams (read more).  London Home Tutors have posted details of their 11+ Workshops in Putney in October (read more).  If you’re looking for top tips and tricks for packing great school lunches then there’s a new blog set up by a fellow local mum together with a discount code on some great Yum boxes (read more).  Learning to drive? There’s a local instructor offering us special rates! (read more).


We have more House & Garden questions than Strictly has sequins!

Ayrton Windows & Doors have written us a brilliant guide to choosing replacement windows (read more).  Mum is looking for a company to fit an electronic bath lift or other type of bath aid to help her elderly father? (read more).  P asks what it’s really like living next door to a basement conversion? (read more)  M is a nanny working in Wandsworth who would love to find a room to rent soon (read more).  E has some original stained glass front door panels for sale (read more).  CNM is on the lookout for a local handyman. Any recommendations? (read more).  P has recently bought a flat and needs some work doing. Should she use just one company or individuals? (read more).  Quite a few of you have been on the move this summer so we have lots of removal recommendations (read more).  N. wonders who might fit Critall doors?(read more)  CC asks whether solar power really works in London on our tiny roofs? (read more)  C wonders whether their recent quote to replace their Megaflow cylinder is high? (read more)  GW Cabinetry has posted some pictures of a recent project if you’re thinking of new shelving or alcoves (read more)  CDS is considering new windows – German ones and other high quality sashes.  Any recommendations or experience? (read more)


And here are you for sale and wanted posts!

For sale: A McLaren Techno XT (read more).  A child’s sleigh bed (read more).  Two Ikea storage units (read more).  A Fisher Price buggy (a real one, not a toy) (read more).

Wanted:  A 16 inch boy’s Frog, Isla or Hoy bike (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team



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