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As we’re all painfully aware all the big energy companies are putting up their fuel prices by as much as 11%. That coincides with temperatures falling fast and experts predicting the coldest winter since 1947. Time to be thinking about how to keep costs down.


A large amount of heat loss from the home goes straight out of the windows. Ill-fitting, rattly and draughty old windows are very thermally inefficient. And while everyone knows that double glazing is warmer than single, there’s a world of difference between average double glazing and the best in class.

The benefits of energy-efficient windows

  • Lower bills – according to the Energy Saving Trust replacing all single-glazed windows with B-rated double glazing could save you around £170 on your energy bills. Here’s a calculator

that you can use to work out just how much you could save. There’s also a lower carbon footprint; typically, 680kg less CO2 is generated.

  • Comfort – fewer draughts and cold spots – particularly important for mums with young children.
  • Peace and quiet – the best new windows give superb protection from outside noises.
  • Reduced condensation – energy efficient glazing reduces condensation build up on the inside of windows.

The best energy-efficient windows

  • Are made of high quality timber – they won’t warp or distort to leave gaps
  • Around two thirds of the heat lost from a standard window is through the glass. The best windows use low emissivity (Low-E) glass and have an unnoticeable coating of metal oxide to cut how much heat can escape.
  • Very efficient windows have the gap between the glazing panels filled with a gas such as argon or xenon.
  • Aluminium pane spacers – set around the inside edges to hold the glass – let out heat. Look for “warm edge” foam spacers.

Come and see for yourself

  • Nappy Valley members are especially welcome at Ayrton Bespoke’s Wandsworth showroom, where they’ll be given some extremely good coffee and shown what makes a great window or door. The address is 406 Merton Road, SW18 5AD
  • Or contact Ayrton to arrange a free, no obligation home design visit. Call 0208 877 8920, or visit

Think about shutters


  • Shutters can add the perfect finishing touch to your windows. They look great, and are a chic alternative to curtains and blinds. Ayrton works only with the New England Shutter Company who make superb wooden shutters in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles.


Special discount for Nappy Valley members!

  • Ayrton is pleased to offer a discount of 15% off all orders placed by the end of January, 2014



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