“I can hear my neighbours, ahem, enjoying themselves”! Fleeced by independent schools? Massive hedgehog on Clapham Common?

Last Updated on : 24th February 2014

Massive hedgehog on Clapham CommonDear South West London Mum,

“Google Translate is brilliant!”

My eldest and Mr NVN were tapping away on the family laptop, sending an introductory email to a Spanish family who were about to host my son for a school exchange trip.

“I mean you don’t even need to learn a language anymore,” my husband continued, “just write in English, press a key and BOOM, Spanish comes out.”

“I’m not sure those are the motivational words for a boy about to visit Spain on a school trip”, I hissed.

“Yeah, good point,” he sauntered on, “he’ll need to work really hard just to get half as good as this baby.”

I was about to suggest what else he could stick in his translator when he was saved by the bell, well the tone, as his inbox pinged with a reply.

He look confused, which is not uncommon, but then he looked concerned, which is.

“We are looking forward to meeting your very funny son and helping him learn Spanish,” he read out, “which we think needs a lot of work”.

“So far he has told us he wants to love our daughter and likes eating tapestry food.”

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Looking for a new challenge? Check out these situations vacant!

ArtyCrates is seeking an office manager to help with tiny but expanding business around Northcote Road.…click here for details

If crates aren’t your bag (see what I did there!), Smiley requires a parish administrator for The Church of the Holy Spirit, Narbonne Avenue, Clapham SW4.…click here for details

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DM wonders if you have any feedback on the Active Camps taking place at Emmanuel school?…click here for details

Our property sections is booming!!!

South London Joiner has a large 2 bed flat available in Streatham for a short let.…click here for details

On a similar note, Superbalhamnanny is looking for a double room to rent in in Balham.…click here for details

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And onto travel

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Krystal is a flexible holiday nanny (click here),  Mamaclapham needs suggestions for a family friendly cottage in the New Forest? (click here) and BN is letting an EcoYoga family retreat in Scotland (click here)

Our House and Garden section is busier than those amazing Snowboard Cross Racers!

H49 is looking for internal domestic security cameras. (click here) GWl needs someone to cut up wood (click here) Abi_88 would love recommendations for “Artificial Grass” (click here) Bamse wonders how much it costs to remove paint from brick? (click here) Gillak is hunting for a good solicitor to advise on purchasing a freehold (click here) there is news about that derelict building on Bennerly Road! (click here) EK is a private house cleaner looking for more work. (click here)  and lastly Elke has a serious housing dilemma, can anyone please help? (click here).

Are you planning any building work? If so check out our “how to survive building work” guide from our friends at Simply Loft…click here for details

The NappyValleyNet calendar is bursting at the seams!

Polka Theatre Wimbledon is performing Red Riding Hood, Once upon a time there was a young girl who went to spend the night at Grandma’s house! (click hereHarrison’s Balham Breastfeeding Cafe is back on weekly on Mondays. (click hereLavender Leonardos Children’s Art School will be recommencing its term time art classes from 23rd February. (click here) and storytime at Balham Library is also back! (click here)


Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- misssw is taking offers on maxi cosi car seats and cot changer. (click here), Bee@lifeafterlondon has a two wheel folding scooter pink brand new in the box for sale (click here) and EM has a Angelcare monitor up for grabs. (click here)


That’s it, have a wonderful week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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