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Last Updated on : 29th November 2015

Gentleman & a Van

With Christmas just around the corner and spare time thin on the ground, if you’re thinking of moving, here are a few tips to help you move as quickly and stress free as possible.

Although we’d love to quote for your move this advice is good for whichever company you choose and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  1. Insurance. This is an obvious point but it’s really important. Check that your removal contractor is insured and that the certificates are current and up to date. Also check if your home contents insurance covers you as well.
  2. Plan. And then plan again. You can’t start planning your move too early. How much stuff you have, where its got to go, any special requests and any particular pieces that need specialist treatment will all influence the cost and planning behind any move. The more time you give yourself and your moving company to sort out these logistics the easier and smoother the whole process!
  3. Use the move as an opportunity to tidy up and throw things away.  There is no sense in paying to move things you’ll never use!
  4. If you have opted for a packing service, get organised and don’t put all your possessions in a big heap.
    Leave things in rooms so that the crew have room to work and can plan the loading efficiently.
  5. Eat the contents of your freezer in the weeks before the move.
  6. Separate out things you might need that night and always move precious jewellery, keys, passports and money yourselves.  These are not covered under movers insurance.
  7. If you have a floor plan available, indicate the rooms where everything is going as this can be helpful for the movers.
  8. What days of the week are best to move? Understandably many people moving home opt to move over the weekend to minimise time off work.  This is also a premium time to move and prices will increase accordingly.  Try and avoid Fridays in busy moving periods as this is the most popular day to move.  Savings can be made by moving mid-week.
  9. What questions should I ask any potential moving company?
    1. How long will the move take, how many men will be used and what time will the men arrive?
    2. Are the vehicles liveried? This is important for security
    3. Do you outsource any work or use temporary staff?
    4. Will the quote be a fixed price quote or are there any extra hidden costs?
    5. Will they organise the parking or is this my responsibility.  This is particularly important in London.
    6. How long has the company been trading for and can they supply references?
    7. Do they have an office or depot I can visit?
    8. Are they a member of a removal body, such as, NGRS or BAR?


Happy, safe and stress free moving.


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