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Last Updated on : 6th April 2017

I have just finally got round to upgrading my Iphone. I’d been putting it off for a good 6 months in part because I simply couldn’t find the time to go to the shop to sort out a new contract and partly because I was really comfortable with the Iphone I had. It wasn’t happy though as it was slowly losing the will to live (battery wouldn’t hold its charge).  Armed with my new phone, I was delighted to find myself invited to one of Emily’s Family Workshops focusing on all things Iphone. Perfect timing as I was getting a bit fed up having to ask my children about various features. They love teasing me with ‘oh that obvs mummy’ – well it wasn’t to me!

iphone pic

Hosted by Emily in her lovely kitchen in Putney the workshop was run by Computer Coach Sylvie Garvey, founder of Computer Fitness. Sylvie was hugely knowledgeable and made the tech accessible, practical, fun and relevant to family life. We were all totally absorbed as we dived deep into our Iphone tech. It was a revelation as we learnt and put into practice some really cool and savvy tech top tips and life hacks. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Sylvie to trouble shoot my family’s tech issues and her comprehensive info pack, crammed full of all the subjects we covered has been a brilliant aide memoir.

IMG_9018Emily Reed is the founder of the really popular Putney based Dance Grooves. It was conversations with the mums of her pupils that inspired Emily to put together a series of hands on, small, interactive and informal workshops. As well as Iphone workshops, Emily hosts workshops on internet safety, parenting and career coaching. All are held informally in Emily’s kitchen, and are run by handpicked professional coaches and industry experts. They are 2 hours long and are run between 10am and 12 noon. It’s a perfect length and timing for busy mums as there’s plenty of time for school/nursery drop off and then be back in time to collect littles or get chores done before school pick up. With small groups of like-minded mums there’s no chance of feeling silly or getting left behind. It’s a really positive, hands on, confidence boosting, relaxed format for learning new skills and at £40 well worth the investment.

I have some fantastic friends who run their whole lives, career, houses, children, social lives, multiple diaries, and to do lists all from their Iphone. There’s not much they don’t know and I’m a little bit in awe of them. I’m delighted to say that thanks to Emily and Sylvie I could confidently show them some new Iphone features that even they weren’t aware of. I was the cool techy at Bookclub that night! My 3 children are quietly impressed with my new skills too – Thanks Emily and Sylvie.

There’s a workshop all about internet safety for the 12s and under which takes place on 10th May and a making your Iphone work for you and your family Workshop on 16th May. For more details about these and others follow this link: www.dancegrooves.dance/family-workshop




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