Dog hurts child at Bandstand Cafe. Where to cremate my pet? Earlsfield versus Fulham?

Last Updated on : 30th August 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from a holiday in The Lakes.

It was wonderful watching my various nieces and nephews playing together, especially as with one half of the family based in Lyon it’s not often we’re in the same country.

My English niece was, however, baffled by her overseas cousin’s ability to speak more than one language.

“Say something in English,” she repeatedly begged my “ex-pat” niece.

“Now say the same thing in French,” would be her inevitable follow-up question.

In the end it all got a bit much for her.

“How can she speak two languages at five years old,” she wailed, “and I’m seven and can only speak one?”

“She’s bilingual,” I explained, “living where she does makes it normal.”

“I don’t care where she’s from,” she shot back, chastising me for apparently minimising her cousin’s achievements, “You can’t speak French OR bilingual!”

Heres is what you’ve been talking about this week:

This is a very controversial topic: KH’s little one was badly hurt in an accident caused by a dog on the Common. Thankfully she is OK but only after a scan and treatment from A&E for a bleed from her ear. KH feels very strongly that a number of dogs are increasingly out of control and the problem is only getting worse. Please remember, if taking part in this discussion, that all of are users are real people with genuine concerns (click here).

Olive has also started a dog topic, albeit a very different one. Her faithful family pet is getting old and tired and she wonders, when the inevitable happens, if you could recommend a reliable pet cremation service? (click here)

Many of you will have seen/heard  the recent Weekender festival on Clapham Common. Mo1 wonders how she might complain about the noise? Errr loudly? (click here)

AB is thinking of a move to Fulham to Earlsfield. But she has concerns. What’s the vibe like? Are there enough restaurants/bars/amenities? Has she BEEN to Ben’s Canteen? (said in my best Chandler from Friends voice!) (click here).

weekly1ChesleaGirl writes that she has recently seen the clarvoyant Linda Dawkins and would be interested in meeting up with her other clients to compare readings. I wonder if she foretold THAT in their 1-2-1’s! (click here)

Nizzy’s allergies have been severely impacted by her neighbour’s building works. Soot and rubble have crashed down their chimney and she wonders if there is anything she can do? They’ve offered to clean their carpets at the end of the build but that seems a long way off! (click here).

Whitgift appears to be no longer served by a direct train. Does anyone know the next best route, asks GH? (click here).

Do you remember that BSM wanted to borrow a 6m ladder? Well it turns out that the lender might be liable if it all goes horribly wrong! I did not know that, thanks GD! (click here)

TJ is looking for maternity gym kit that doesn’t cost the earth – any ideas for cost-effective-cardio-clobber? (click here)

The door-to-door sponsorship requests thread has more detail. It turns out it IS legal to doorstep for charities but IV has photographed at least one chugger she believes is bogus (click here).

weekly12010 is looking for a piano tuner. Can you recommend someone to ensure her ivories tinkle in tune? (click here)

Esille wonders where Balham residents can get their car washed and waxed?Turns out there is a place in Tooting that will clean them for a tenner. Thanks for posting MM! (click here)

Brihoney is looking for a 80th birthday party venue for her parents. Any ideas? The first person to suggest Fabric gets banned! (click here)

Monaco’s husband is off on gardening leave for three months. Lucky him! Anyideas for trips/adventures he can take, she asks? (click here)

Editrix is looking for “right-of-light” solicitor recommendations. Can you recommend one? (click here)

BizzieLizzie is about to buy a house and really needs the help of an accountant – any ideas? We use Decimal Place and they’re ace! (click here)

Writerlady is looking to replace her ancient Magimix and wonders if you can recommend a replacement? (click here)

I LOVE this article. Our wonderful writer Georgie has interviewed local businesses run by couples. Check out “It Takes Two” and I bet you’ve bounced/eaten/holidayed/lived-in courtesy of at least ONE of these firms! (click here).

And on to your travel posts…

FTM is after holiday suggestions for a mum and her two year old (click here). JBG would love any tips for Sardinia for next summer? (click here). BlueMonkey have the most amazing 5* self-catering cottages in Cornwall and they’ve posted a brilliant special offer – thank you! (click here).

Speaking of travel, our friends at Turquoise have written up a piece on whether long haul and school holidays can work? Thanks guys! (click here).

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Nappy Valley has had sunshine!

CM is looking for cost effective decking – the quote she has had is HUGE! (click here). Rocks is keen to hear from you if you can recommend someone to fit alcove cupboards? (click here) A number of you are still looking for a firm to help with shutter repairs (click here). D1889 asks if you can recommend the Damp and Timberguard company? (click here) AJ has posted pictures of some incredibly orange lino! So so retro! (click here). Lastly NB recommends Michael and Jackdaw Joinery. Thanks! (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Bugaboo Chameleon (click here), Britax car seat (click here) a white cot bed (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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