Deadline: 30 free hours childcare. Lavender Hill bus crash. French Cafe to new home.

Last Updated on : 14th August 2017


Dear NappyValleyNetter

MR NVN hates shopping.

Whichever part of one’s DNA creates a love of retail is missing from his genome.

Which normally isn’t a problem.

However last week I really needed some help curtain shopping, so it was rather surly “kidult” that I dragged off to a well known Kings Road fabric shop.

After ten minutes, though, his attitude appeared to soften and he started running around grabbing samples left and right and centre and holding his favourites up to the light for comparison and colour checking.

“OK,” I said once I’d looked at what felt like every swatch in the shop, “I’ve got everything I need, which are are your favourites?”

“Huh?” he said, looking surprised.

Then I realised he had a stapler in his hand and had been clicking away like a toddler with a Pez dispenser for the last ten minutes.

“Fabric,” I repeated, “your favourite?”

“Dunno,” he replied and then with a flourish revealed a concoction of swatches and staples, “look, I made us a free iPhone case!”


Here’s the rest of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

There was a bus crash on Lavender Hill this week.  Two women were trapped on the top deck and had to be rescued by the fire brigade.  It goes without saying we wish all involved a speedy recovery (read more).

UTWT asks what you might look for in a child-friendly café? Rare steaks, banging tunes and a late licence are, unsurprisingly, not on the list! (read more).  Sticking with feedback, The V&A needs you! They’re looking for families’ opinions of the museum. (read more). Think we can leave those steaks and tunes here too!

Your ‘Books for the Beach’ thread keeps on growing. Please keep those suggestions coming but I’m surprised that The Celestine Prophecy has not been mentioned. Or anything by that fine wordsmith Sidney Sheldon, whom Mr NVN swears by (read more)

J is looking for a mobile car washing service. Any recommendations? I heard a rumour that your car is like your hair and, if you don’t wash it for six months, it becomes self-cleaning. After one year it’s doesn’t appear to be working yet but I’m not a quitter so will keep trying! (read more).

TP has posted a piece from the Guardian about where all the UK’s missing airline luggage turns up. Turns out it’s Tooting! Really it all turns up in Tooting. I know you don’t believe me but I PROMISE it’s Tooting! (read more)

Expect you’ve seen this shocking footage of a jogger knocking into pedestrian on Putney Bridge who in turn is narrowly missed by a bus. Quick reactions from that driver! (read more)

The producers of a Channel 4 documentary on gender identity would love to hear from parents (read more). Hmmm, if you want your views on this controversial and divisive topic splashed across terrestrial TV then you know what to do! Or not.

PSW11 made a very brave post a couple of weeks ago concerning teenagers and drugs. Her son is using cannabis and she is, quite naturally, extremely worried. It’s really struck a chord and I hope this thread can help all those directly, and indirectly, affected  (read more).

C’s new au-pair is arranging a meet-up for next week (read more).

Exciting news about The French Café: it’s left Ritherdon Road (boo!) but look where it’s going next! (yay!) (read more) They’ll be almost neighbours with the new pizza place on Bellevue Road, it’s delicioso! Capeesh? (read more)  Sticking wih food, AW is looking for a pub kitchen or similar to use for pop-up suppers? (read more). She also wants you to know that she provides a batch cooking service (read more). Our last food post: C is looking for a ready-made picnic hamper which they can collect and go feast! (read more)

CR has posted details of Wandsworth’s Lost Leviathan on the patch of land known as The Telescope…intriguing! (read more)

B would like to learn sign language and asks if there are any online courses which may cost less than Oak Lodge School? (read more).

Wandsworth Council has posted to remind you that there are just three weeks left in which to apply for the extra 15 hours of childcare from September. Don’t miss out! (read more)

CC wonders if you know of a cab firm that’s good with children? (read more)


We have more travel posts than the Team GB women’s relay team have fans!

G has posted details of a newly refurbished Ibizan house available late summer (read more)  C’s request for holiday ideas for September has got you all typing! (read more)  Travel Designers in Balham have Mark Warner 2018 holidays on sale right now with an extra 5% off if you say ‘NVN’. Go book! (read more)  S would love to find a villa in Portugal this September – any suggestions? (read more).  A’s post about ideas for November Caribbean sun has lots of suggestions. Take me, take me! (read more). M&m is keen to book next year’s trip to Puglia. Who to use?  (read more)


Looking for a new role? We have more job vacancies than Mo Farah has fans!

B is looking for an experienced nanny for four days a week in Wandsworth (read more).  PN needs a full-time, live-in nanny in Putney (read more).  IM would like to find a part-time nanny to help look after two newborn twin boys from October (read more).  HK is after another family who would like a nanny share with their wonderful nanny – their son is at Mouse House (read more).  WB needs help from the beginning of October with their three children (read more).  If you have legal skills, Wandsworth Mediation Services needs you! (read more).


We have more activities than Usain Bolt has fans!

F is looking for a local football club on Wandsworth Common for weekends (read more).   R asks if anyone has experience of a Pizza Express children’s party? (read more).  CCP suggest a cupcake decorating party for creative children (and those with a sweet tooth!) (read more)  NC asks if you would recommend an Eddie Catz party(read more)  Football at Burntwood is running for one more week so get your ball-mad girls and boys out there! (read more)  Nuturing Mums are back! Their popular Battersea, Balham and Earlsfield, 5-week post-natal courses are on our calendar! (read more) 


We have more schools questions than Team GB men’s relay team have fans!

O12 has posted about that new local nursery, Apples and Honey, which she heard about it on Radio 4 – well done A&H! (read more)  DG would love to hear your recommendations for nurseries for 6 month olds near Latchmere Road (read more).  F is interested in your opinions or experience of St John Bosco College (read more).  N has the choice between Sacred Heart or Belleville. Which would you choose? (read more)


We have more House & Garden queries than Trump has, errr, well it’s not fans!

If you would love a FREE copy of our Design and Build Guide don’t forget to email me your postal address (click here)

S is looking to buy a first floor maisonette and extend into the loft but it’s not demised – advice please! (read more).  H has posted about a stunning 5-bed house to rent ‘BTC’ on a long term basis.  Belleville catchment is mentioned… (read more)  L is looking to waterproof their end-of-terrace wall. Any recommendations? (read more)  GP needs someone to fit a new kitchen including new windows and taking out a chimney breast (read more).  LJ is looking for a french polisher recommendation.  Have you tried Yellow Pages (Remember that ad? Or am I the only one old enough…!?) (read more)  B is getting quotes for a complete house redecoration and they range from £8k to £16k.  Is this reasonable? (read more)  CW is is looking for a house-sitting position while her flat is re-done (read more).  SF is a local photographer hunting for a Clapham 4-bedroom house to use for a lifestyle photoshoot (read more).  SP would like a ball park figure for a loft extension in the Shaftesbury Estate (read more).  LPNJ had rain coming in through the wall the other day (I think I know which day you mean..).  Any builder recommendations? (read more)  C is looking to convert their attic and would appreciate some advice and recommendations (read more).


It’s totally free to post your for sale, wanted and recycling adverts!

Victorian fireplace, freshly removed from a, well, Victorian house… (read more).  C is looking for a Baby Bjorn carrier.  Do you have one to sell? (read more).  NP is looking to buy a mini-fridge and microwave – perhaps that’s where the Borrowers live… (read more).  A is selling a Graco pushchair (read more).


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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