Cremoloso – A perfect topping for Garratt lane

Last Updated on : 11th September 2017

Ice cream is one of my not so secret pleasures, I absolutely love the stuff, and whatever the season, whatever the weather I’ll always find an excuse for indulging. With that in mind, the late summer mini heatwave we enjoyed at the end of August took it a beyond no brainer and into potentially negative brainer territory for me to try Cremoloso the new gelato specialist on Garratt lane.


Cremoloso occupies what was the perennially never open spot that the Thai Grocer’s café offshoot used to be in. Though the Thai Grocer itself serves what I feel more than comfortable in saying is definitely the best Thai cuisine around, the café itself never really took off. The building is about 50 yards from the restaurant proper, just before Garratt lane does one of its characteristic meanders on the way to Earlsfield from Wandsworth Town.

20882612_1619848524693995_2546987029289034559_nFor me this is not too far from my house, and on my route to and from the station on the days I commute. I’d walked past it a lot since it’d opened, but had never actually been in there despite my love of frozen puddings. It was therefore with excitement that I made my way down the dusty road last bank holiday Monday to experience what other people had been raving about first hand for the first time myself.

Inside Cremoloso it was little changed from the Thai Grocer café days, unsurprisingly. The only real difference was the cabinet next to the cash desk contained about 20 different flavours of gelato and sorbet. The day I turned up being sunny and a bank holiday, it was unsurprisingly busy, with a queue reaching out the door.

What impressed me though was that many of those queuing were repeat customers happily waving their loyalty cards with enough vigour to cause a small breeze. My turn came after about 15 minutes, the queue was long but fairly fast moving.

At the front of queue, I was presented with a choice of classic Italian gelatos, with a few sorbets thrown into the mix. The selection included a lot of nutty favourites such as hazelnut and pistachio. For takeaway, you can choose between .5, 1 and 2 litre options. As it was just me eating it, I went for a half litre thinking that this would be gone pretty quickly.


I choose the house special a cremoloso gelato with an additional serving of salted caramel. The cremoloso was good, creamy and smooth. The salted caramel though was a revelation, tangy with a slight hint of bitterness ensuring it wasn’t overly sweet but delicious and addictive.

The half-litre which I thought would be gone in a day or two I finally finished about a week later. Having cost £11 it went from seemingly expensive to being yes pricey but worth it. A top tip, when serving the gelato, don’t eat straight from the freezer but place in your fridge for about 45 minutes before serving, adjust based on the size of your carton as it were.

What can I say apart from that, it’s an ice cream parlour and a good one, and we’re lucky to have it in Earlsfield. I’d heartily recommend it, and if you need an excuse to go, say it’s for the kids.

Till next time, when perhaps I’ll be back to enjoying full meals.


383 Garratt Lane
London, United Kingdom

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