Cleaning products poison children. Neighbours away: daughter holding noisy parties! Hollywood celeb. in SW London garden centre!

Last Updated on : 6th June 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

I hope you had a relaxing half-term.

Here at NappyValleyNet we spent the Whitsun break “staycationing” in London.

Tennis was played, theatres were visited and, as a treat, Mr NappyValleyNet and I booked ourselves into a spa for the day.

As I stretched out onto the massage table I began to feel my stress levels fall away when a screeching voice cut across the panpipes.

“Are these on right?”

It was my beloved in a pair of paper pants which, to borrow language from my children, were very much in a “wedgie” formation.

Whether or not they were “on right” was a moot point, seeing as he was sporting a ladies pair so brief Waitrose could have used them to cut cheese.


And with that lovely mental image, here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

Cleaning products poison childrenWow! Our local celebrity thread has just moved up a gear. A MAJOR Hollywood star and her equally famous hubby were spotted in a local nursery. That’s plant not daycare! (click here).

30 children a day are poisoned by cleaning products. Our friends at First Aid for Life have posted details about how you can help, thanks FAFL! (click here)

“Feeling Old” isn’t sure what to do. Her neighbour’s daughter has had TWO loud parties in one week whilst her parents are away. What can she do? (click here)

Are you a property investor? If so one of our regular users has posted an intriguing advert for a flat she can only sell to a cash buyer (click here). In the same vein, our wonderful resident features writer Georgina asks the question, “Should I Buy a Second Home?”

This is a brilliant question! IndyB asks when “doing” a full house renovation what are the big do/don’t dos? I LOVE AAD’s comment (“don’t do it!”) but what if you are dead set on being on Grand Designs? Thanks for the many contributions including Rory at Good London Builders, Jonathan from Hamptons and LP73! (click here)

Cleaning products poison childrenLegs11 have posted about two local businesses: one she loves and one less so. She wants to sing the praises of Northcote Patisserie (click here) but is less happy with the Confidental Clinic on St John’s Hill (click here)

What does one do about parking for builders, asks Claphamama? Should they use your guest permits or do they source their own? (click here)

There is a “Fathers Day” rave at The Bedford on, errr, Fathers Day. I’m sure there is an oxymoron in there somewhere but if you have a spare whistle, glow stick and fancy tuning in to some banging techno vibes then head off to SW12, with your children! (click here)

AnnaK has a “high needs” baby and is really feeling the low. I really hope we help. She’s trying to be patient but it’s effecting her so much they’re not even going on holiday this year (click here). In the same vein, J’s four year old son won’t stop bothering her eighteen month old daughter to the extent she feels she can never turn her back on them. Another cry for help! (click here).

Marks and Spencers is coming to Streatham! This is not just any SW16 opening, it’s an… (click here)

weekly1There are some choices which will always cause controversy: “Everton or Liverpool?”, “Connery or Moore?” and “Chez Bruce or Trinity?”. Seems like “Tooting or Balham?” in the CrossRail2 debate can be added to this list. I honestly have NO idea but their BIG boss seems less keen on Tooting in this interview! (click here) And it looks like the old WH Smiths on the high road holds the key to some of these CrossRail2 retail musical chairs (click here)

And sticking with shops – Aspace is back! (click here)

THREE mummy meet-up requests: if there are any Polish mums out there then Anna would like to meet (click here), ME would love to catch up with any Spanish mums! (click here) and Islamummy wonders if anyone fancies a softplay meet-up THIS WEEK? (click here)

LMD wonders how to entertain children during a 40th birthday party in Chelsea? If anyone says Alcopops they’re banned for life (click here)

MTC is looking for Mouse Hole parents for a nanny share (click here)

weekly1Our news and reviews section is bursting at the seams! Check out our preview of the Balham Comedy festival,  a coverage of a recent talk at Wimbledon High on the “Value of Grit” and it’s Happy 20th Birthday to the Abbeville Fete!

Rodent (weird username!) wonders if you’d like to volunteer with Brownies or Guides? (click here).

Legs11 is looking for an affordable local hairdresser. Know a frugal fringe flayer? (click here) 

There are two school open days we really want to tell you about. The lovelyCumnor House have an open day on Tuesday the 7th of June (click here) and the wonderful Hornsby House are throwing open their doors on the 9th of June (click here).

SZ is both pregnant (yay!) and searching for a training partner or personal trainer.Ideally you’d work out together on a Saturday morning on Wandsworth Common! (click here)


And on to your travel posts…

Twomonkeys is off to Disneyland Florida next year, any advice on where to stay? Length of trip? What to avoid? Or should she just “Let it Go…” (click here). SM wonders if you can help with beach holiday swimwear advice for a 7 month old? (click here) Our friends at the lovely luxury BlueMonkey self-catering cottages in Cornwall still have a week free at the end of Augusts. Take me, take me! (click here)

MM wonders where you might recommend for a spray tan? (click here)

FruitOfTheWomb (fabby username) is a private postnatal midwife who has been operating across SW4 since 2012. Thanks for posting! (click here)

VAClapham is a local virtual assistant who is brilliant, if you need help making things happen she is SO your person! (click here)

Clapham NCT nearly-new sale is on the 11th June. Perfect for picking up bargains! (click here).

Those lovely people at Lords of London have posted details of the portable LotusGrill outdoor BBQ. Imagine a cross between an open fire, a pizza wood-fired oven and C3PO from Star Wars and you’re almost there! (click here)


Looking for a new challenge? We have more sits vac than Djokovic has aces!
data consultancy business business in Clapham is looking for an P/T admin/office manager (click here). A SW London retail chain (six stores) needs a PA to their MD, you can work from Chelsea, Wimbledon or Barnes (click here). JN is offering a small salary, free accommodation and travel in exchange for P/T caring for an elderly lady in Parsons Green (click here). A small innovative digital design company based in Central London is looking for an project manager/account manager (click here). Lastly, a Balham estate agency needs a Saturday office coordinator (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Andy Murray has fans!

Some wonderful suggestions for a general handyman – thanks everyone! (click here). And a gardener (click here). Queenbee wants to recommend her tree surgeon! Thanks QB! (click here) PoppyM would love to rent two rooms – do you have any space? (click here). How does one get rid of moss on artificial grass, asks Pud1? (click here). Erika wonders how to clean granite kitchen surfaces? (click here). Lastly, SJ needs asolicitor to help with the purchase of a freehold (click here)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a Baby Bjorn (click here), BSM WANTS a Buzz Year action toy (click here) and aHome Boy bean bag (click here)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!

Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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