Chestnut Grove Academy Exam results 2016

Last Updated on : 5th September 2016

Chestnut Grove students achieve excellent examination results as demonstrated by a rising trend in performance and academic attainment that consistently exceeds national averages. Engaging teaching and learning is at the heart of Chestnut Grove. The Academy is proud of its inclusive approach in which students of all abilities are supported in order to meet their potential.

Outstanding examination results at Chestnut Grove Academy
Staff and students at Chestnut Grove Academy are celebrating another year of fantastic examination results at both Key Stage 4 and 5.

Sixth form

Y13 students excelled themselves and met our high expectations, with nearly all Y13 students securing their first choice of university.  48% of all A Level entries were graded at A*-B and one in five entries attained an A* or A grade. Students studying vocational subjects also performed exceptionally well with 76% of all entries graded at a Distinction or above. We are incredibly PROUD of the achievements of our students and wish them well in the future studies at university.

Year 11

Year 11 students have once again lived up to Chestnut Grove Academy’s PROUD ethos (Positive, Resilient, Open-minded, Unified and Determined) by securing some fantastic examination results. Overall, one in five GCSE entries were graded A*/A, 44% A*-B and 77% A*-C. 66% of students passed both English and maths with a grade C or above meeting the new threshold set by the government. Some subject areas performed particularly well, including the sciences where physics, chemistry and biology all achieved a 96% A*-C pass rate, English where 86% of students achieved a ‘good’ pass and geography and history which achieved 80% and 73% respectively. Modern foreign languages delivered some outstanding results with pass rates of 100% in Italian, 78% in Spanish and 73% in French.  The arts subjects continued their long tradition of success with students achieving 81% in music, 84% in textiles and 82% in media. Headteacher Christian Kingsley said ‘I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our students who have worked unbelievably hard to achieve some fantastic examination results. At a time when the bar is being raised higher and higher I am delighted that our students are rising to the challenge and reaching their potential in the full range of academic and creative subjects. Individual students have performed exceptionally well with one student achieving 10 A* grades. Students will be collecting their results from 10am this morning and we will be able to share some of the individual successes with you then.




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