Do I have to care for my father-in-law? I really need a shoulder to cry on. School open days and who can photograph my baby bump?

Last Updated on : 16th May 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My eldest is currently going through study-hell preparing for exams.

We may, however, have to dial down the pressure if Friday morning’s breakfast table conversation was anything to go by.

“Oooh it’s Eurovision on Saturday night,” squeaked Mr NappyValleyNet, “who is up for a five hour session?”

My eldest misheard.

“Five hours?”, he wailed, “five hours revision on a Saturday night!”

Then there was a pause whilst he tried to think of something wounding to say as he stormed out.

“This place is worse than a Victorian Workhouse!”

“Not Y.O.U.R. R.E.V.I.S.I.O.N.” I called after him, “E.U.R.O.V.I.S.I.O.N.

Whilst trying to coax my son back into the kitchen I noticed Mr NVN trying to silence me with a pantomime rolling of eyes, his over-competitive London parenting streak had spotted an opportunity.

“Stop,” he whispered sotto voce, “I think he might agree to three!”


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

School open daysAmIBeingSelfish asks if she is being selfish or assertive? Her widowed father-in-law may be showing signs of dementia but she is not keen to be cast in the role of his carer. When replying please be aware this is a real person struggling with a very real issue so please do keep any comments constructive and helpful. Thank you (click here).


Sometimes we have a parent who could really do with some support and this is very definitely one of those posts. Jomi273 is a local single mum whose daughter has high functioning autism. She feels alone, her school doesn’t really “get” her daughters situation and, to make matters a little more stressful, she’s in the middle of a fund-raising round for her own business. She’s looking for a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen. If that can be you please do click here.

weekly1Last week “DoYouCheckUp” asked if you read your partners email/texts/Facebook accounts? Some very strong opinions – thank you everyone! (click here).

Melissan wondered if anyone could paint and photograph her baby bump? People do that??? (click here)

Can I put my nanny on my company payroll, asks SGM? Actually you could put me on there as well if you wanted to! (click here) 

PWC was in the news last week after one of it’s contractors insisted that receptionists wear high heels. But did a Magic Circle law firm have similar requirements for it’s female trainees? (click here)

We LOVE Bambino Merino but we have sad news. They’re saying farewell to their entire range. Say goodbye and snaffle up some amazing bargains at the same time! (click here)

Owenwe warns us all to be careful if you have gift cards: she’s just lost £70! (click here).

We had a lovely meet-up at Biscuiteers last Wednesday. Thank you SO much for the coffee and, obvs., the iced biscuits! (click here)

weekly1LM would LOVE to find a yoga class in Balham/Wandsworth? Where might she “salute the sun”? Or maybe that’s a Dungeons and Dragons thing! (click here)

We LOVE Allfarthing school and they have a fabby online auction as part of their fund-raising activities. You could win tickets to Flip Out, date nights at the Alma and even entrance to Polo in the Park. Wow! Check it out here!

Fionapm would love your advice on choosing her first au pair? How should she do it? Which agencies to use? Come on NappyValleyNet, let’s see if we can help! (click here)

Hol78 wonders if you can recommend a great entertainer for a birthday party for a 1 year old and a four year old? Hmm that’s a big intellectual and age discrepancy which might be difficult to cross. A little like me and Mr NVN! (click here).

The Parent and Baby Coach’s bringing its sleep deprivation-busting Baby and Sleep Routine Workshop to Fulham! Go along and learn all about your baby’s sleep including routines for 0-12 months, how to establish good sleep habits and get rid of those sleep crutches keeping you all awake at night.

SS would love to know if there is a local private clinic that can offer a BCG?(click here).

“Help-please” lost her pram outside The Dolphin School. Boo! Then she found it. Yay! (click here) In similar news, two scooters have been found on Clapham Common (click here) and (click here)

weekly1Edel Flying run “aerial silks” classes. That’s right, those spinny/flying/death-defying Cirque du Soleil things! Although you don’t get to drop from the ceiling in a twirl of ribbon until week 3! (click here)

You know Katherine Hepburn, the lovely hypnobirthing person? Well she’s just opened bookings for her weekend courses! (click here)

Our Tooting Lido thread keeps growing. How cold do you think the water is? WOW! THAT COLD??? (click here)


And an overhead locker full of travel questions!

LC is looking for your “great hotel and resort recommendations”. Normally they go to the South of France but she’s keen to try something new (click here). 40plus needs aself-catering villa in the Algarve with two bedrooms and close to the beach. Any ideas?(click here). Our great friends at Camp Suisse have announced the return of Lac Du Taney on their Swiss holiday camp programme – I SO want to go and I’m WAY too old! (click here) Rachel has some ideas for villas to rent in October half-term. Thank you! (click here). LaLectric wants to recommend her friend’s lovely villa in the South of France. Its available to-let and they have some space in the summer months. You had me at “South of France”! (click here)

Sticking with Camp Suisse, they’ve sent over 8 reasons why a summer camp might be right for your family – thank you! (click here)


Listen up at the back of the class! Here come our schools posts!

Cumnor House is a wonderful pre-prep and prep school based in Surrey. They’ve just sent through the dates of their open days for both the boys and girls schools and nursery. The timings are flexible and everyone will be given a tour of the school by current pupils, an opportunity to meet the teachers, refreshments and the senior leadership team. Thanks for the details C.H.! (click here), CM would love your opinion on the Chesterton Primary School. Any current parents? (click here). R4T asks ifextension classes have been withdrawn in your primary school? They have in Fircroft and it looks like it’s a result of the new national curriculum (click here). Wandsworth Prep. is hosting another of their popular internet safety workshops. The event is complimentary and open to ALL parents! (click here). Do you have feedback on Streatham and Clapham, asks Confused? (click here), Fionag has shared Ernest Bevin open morning dates, thanks AG! (click here). CCM asks for your opinions on St Marys School in Clapham(click here). Finally, SJHmummy asks what Highview parents do about before and after school care and might anyone be interested in sharing care duties? (click here).

And onto nurseries: CB asks if you have experience of Teddies, Magdalen or Mayfield nurseries in Earlsfield? (click here)Bertrum House School have posted details of their new website and announced details of their new pre-reception and nursery classes. Thanks BH! (click here). Lastly, Bright Horizons have a new super-hero. He’s called Candy Floss and he’s a zebra who helps children stay safe. Actually I’m not sure he’s male. But definitely a zebra! (click here)


Looking for a new challenge? We have a CV full of vacancies!

 A lovely nursery in Battersea needs a teacher/SENCO (click here)Essie needs a cleaner (click here)An internet company in the West End needs a finance manager (click here)A PR firm is Fulham are hoping to find a PA/office manager (click here) 


We have more “House and Garden” questions than Prince Harry has swooning admirers!

 We’ve just started featuring *videos* of building projects on NappyValleyNet. The first are from the the Good London Builders (thanks guys!) so if you want to check out a refurbishment in 152 seconds then follow this link!. And if you have any films you’d like us to feature do please get in touch! Hemma would love suggestions for a builder to remove an internal wall (click here). SZ has a moth infestation and Rentokil couldn’t help – any ideas? (click here). LBG needs someone to clean and seal a patio. Arp! Arp! (that’s my seal impression!) (click here) We’ve had some structural engineer recommendations – thanks everyone! (click here) CM wonders if you’ve got the number for a painter for a small job? (click here). FA is after home alarm specialists, she’s had enough of ADT! (click here). SMricel has advice on challenging large Lambeth leaseholder bills (click here). Lastly, L. needs lawn care advice – those bare patches aren’t disappearing! (click here)


Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

 FOR SALE: a Lime Green Bumbo tray (click here), a Snuzpod Crib (click here) and a baby girl six to nine month summer wardrobe (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team


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