Car parking offered for childminding! Local park under threat? Contactless cards stolen and used in Asda.

Last Updated on : 12th September 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As I wrote last week we’ve just published our latest Schools Guide.

One of my favourite parts of the whole process is dropping off the finished magazines.

For someone as nosy as I it’s a wonderful opportunity to pop into our local schools, especially as they’re bustling with so much energy and enthusiasm at this time of year.

One the way home from the last drop I mentioned this to Mr NVN, who was my driver for the day.

After quipping that I was more than “DPD” than “Royal Tour” his eyes narrowed and I could tell something wasn’t quite right.

“When you go into the schools to deliver the magazines, where do you put the rollers?”

I reckon I would have beaten a party full of sugar-rushed toddlers in a game of “Simon Says”, such was the speed of my hands touching my head, but even in that split second I knew the answer.

I had forgotten to take them out.

So apologies to all those schools who wondered why an extra from “Mrs Brown’s Boys” was in reception with arms full of magazines and I’m off to recruit a new driver with observation skills.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

Are there more burglaries than normal around SW11, asks GMD? She woke up last week to find her front door open, laptops, PlayStations and wallets all gone and later discovered the contactless cards had been used in Asda! Awful news GMD and I hope they catch the culprits (click here).

Sticking with crime, Pud1 wonders why there were so many police at her local tube station last week? Looks like it was a large joint operation with the Met (click here)

Wow, this is a VERY topical post. Just as Theresa May announces the removal of the restriction on new grammar schools (or the start of the expansion of secondary moderns, as one cross friend put it) VM asks who can tutor her son for the various 11+, grammar school and Wandsworth exams? (click here)

I SHOULD post this request in our “Sits Vac” section below but I wanted to highlight it here: Broomwood Hall and Northcote Lodge are recruiting for waiting/bar staff(click here). Wow, those children must have AMAZING school lunches. OK, ok it’s for evening/parent events but I couldn’t resist pretending.

You know the lovely talented Clara B? Well she’s just published some top tips on what to consider when designing a home office. Thanks CB! (click here)

The lovely Wimbledon Park is under threat. According to SF the athletics’s track and childen’s play park might all to be ripped up. Do get involved if you’d like to help! (click here)

TW is hoping to offer free off-street parking in return for some childminding. Potentially interesting if you need to park in Clapham for a day job (click here)

There is an au-pair meet this Thursday in Earlsfield. Perfect for all those new au-pairs looking to make new friends (click here)

I really hope we can help with this post! NH has just had a baby boy! Yay! He was three months premature but she’s now looking for nursery suggestions for next summer – any ideas? (click here).

Now this isn’t something that we tend to talk a lot about in public but it is very important. For those suffering from a weak pelvic floor the effects can be pretty distressing. So NappyValleyNet is delighted to be hosting a meet-up, during next week’s Pelvic Floor Week, on the Innovo pop-up at Westfield. We’ll have tea, coffee and pastries plus juice and buscuits for your little ones. In addition to the child friendly play area there’ll be woman’s health consultants specialising in all things pelvic floor. Click here for more details and we hope to see you there!

I have no idea how I can link this next event to Pelvic Floor Week so I’m not even going to try! The Balham Food Festival is coming soon! Clear you diary (and your plates!) for the 25th September (click here)

Sticking with food (some posts CAN be linked!) our lovely Managing Ed. has just tried Piccolo Plates. They supply an amazing range of kid-friendly totally fresh dishes and I think we can safely say Charlotte was impressed! (click here).

Anon has lost her favourite cardigan around Grafton Square. It’s a blue Jigsaw number nicknamed Snuggles. Ok, that last bit is not true but if you’ve found the gallivanting garment then please shout! (click here)

LGM is new to SW London (welcome!) and she’s searching for first birthday ideas for her little one. Any suggestions? First person to suggest Paintballing gets banned! (click here)

SBC is hoping to find a coffee van for a school fete – any ideas? Cafe Racer gets recommended and I’d second that! (click here)

SarahJ wonders if anyone has had a FlipOut party. Judging by the answers that’ll be a big, bouncy yes! (click here)

We have more travel questions than FlipOut have trampolines!

Our friends at Ski Famille have posted details of their Christmas and New Year skiing holiday special offers. Save over £2000! And then take me with you! (click here). We’ve had a STACK of suggestions for where a single mum and her two year old can holiday. Thanks to everyone who replied! (click here). Lastly we haven’t had any suggestions for accommodation around Bangor – any ideas? (click here)

We have more school posts than my own children had back-to-school blues!

Pyra would like to talk to parents about the 11+ results for Newton Prep. (click here).Pie81 has some great advice about the timing on registering for schools – thanks P81! (click here). Cleo1980 has just had a last minute offer from Macauley School in Lambeth – would you recommend it?(click here).

Lastly, our friends at the Independent Schools Show have just posted details of their November 2016 event. Hundreds and hundreds of schools – all in Battersea Park and free tickets if you’re quick! (click here). Thanks ISS!

Looking for a new challenge? We have more than SW Trains have holes in their timetable!

We LOVE Lords of London and they’re looking for a sales consultant for their lovely Northcote Road branch. Oooh, I might even apply myself! (click here)Are you an events assistant? If so we might have a brilliant local role for you at the Exhibit! Yes, that fabby cinema and bar! (click here)Nordic Style is an amazing destination for Scandinavian design and meatballs (Ok, I made one of those up) and they need sales assistants (click here)Lastly, Nordic Style also need a PR/marketing assistant, either full or part-time (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Bridget Jones has diaries

Lily is finding the air traffic noise insufferable – can you suggest some soundproof windows? (click here). Can anyone suggest a source of good quality granite worktops, asks SB? (click here). Moss on plastic grass – some lovely feedback from Grassify! (click here). IS is hoping to find a lock-up garage in SW London – any ideas? (click here). Fruisli is hoping to find electric underfloor heating recommendations (click here). Applemum wants to recommend a local mum who designed and built a wonderful kitchen for her (click here). 40plus would love your suggestions for someone to source, install and tile a bedroom fireplace? (click here). Lucy Gardening Lady is a NappyValleyNetlong timer who is looking for cost-effective storage in SW London (click here)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: a UV protector beach protector (click here), FOR SALE a wooden fold-able highchair (click here) and a Philips Avent steriliser (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

PS don’t forget you can now register or log in to NappyValleyNet using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.

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