Can I pursue my ex for perjury? Local business hit by Christmas tree theft. Pregnant nannies – are employers supportive? Win twenty tickets for Christmas show!

Last Updated on : 14th December 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NappyValleyNet has just returned from a Scott Dunn skiing trip.

They whisked him away to Val D’Isere to show off their gorgeous chalets and, on his return, he sat the family down so he could hand out some presents.

“Here is a merino wool base layer,” he said to my eldest, passing over a soft-as-butter jumper that even I, a non-skier, could see was perfect for the piste.

“And for you,” he said to my youngest, “gloves.”

She suffers from the cold but with the toasty mitts she was gleefully now unwrapping it looked like those days were well behind her.

He then produced a large bag and, if I am honest, I did become a little excited about what was coming my way.

I should have known better.

“Rather cleverly they’ve turned all their chalet menus into a cook book.”

“I thought you might like it.”

I absolutely swear this is true then, to make matters worse, he beamed and said, “it contains a lovely recipe for a mushroom laksa, I’ll be your guinea pig any time.”

Donald Trump will receive the Nobel Peace before Mr NVN is anyone’s guinea pig, that is unless there is a Peruvian mini-rodent roulade recipe somewhere in those pages.

Here is more of what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Can I pursue my ex for perjuryCookie22 has a question about child support and redundancy. Her ex-husband has just lost his job but his redundancy pay was not insignificant. Will the CSA ensure that a percentage of this is used to look after their son, she asks? (click here).

Similing22 was assaulted by her ex-partner a few weeks ago and the police are refusing to press charges. Is she able to pursue him and his new girlfriend through the courts for perjury and assault? (click here).

In much happier news, Pod wonders if there are any local houses that like to really light up for Christmas? In her local village this used to be a “thing” but she hasn’t seen any in SW London. Can you help point Pod trip the light fantastic? (click here).

Squirrel is a nanny and she’s trying for a baby. She’s a little surprised that some employers are not more supportive of their pregnant nannies, is that reflective of mothers as a whole, she’d love to know? (click here).

Can I pursue my ex for perjuryDo you remember the lovely Battersea Flower Station whom we mentioned last week? No sooner had we interviewed local mum and founder Lisa for our round-up of local entrepreneurs (click here) than her magical garden centre was broken into and a ton of Christmas trees were stolen. She’s restocked and so if you’re still searching for a festive fir please do pay her a visit!

OK, if you only answer one post this week, please let it be this one. Regular NVN’er Lalectric asks if you know of any books that will help a child cope with the death of a younger sibling? Enough said. (click here).

The Parent Practice have posted links to a new series of parenting cards they’ve just released. The concept is you read one card per day and it’s a handy reminder of the skills you need to be a better parent. It sounds like a great idea and if you try it we’d love to know how you got on (click here).

Cyclist has posted a link to an awful video where a cabby deliberately drives into a cyclist to knock him off his bike. Very upsetting (click here).

FB is running a research project at Royal Holloway looking into how fathers react to traumatic births they may have witnessed. If you or your partner fit this criteria she’d welcome your input (click here).

PP wonders if her nanny can use her own car to ferry their children around? Will she need extra insurance if she does, she asks? (click here).

Can you suggest a great photobook site, ponders LE? (click here).

1Now this is a Christmas conundrum. LN is from Belgium and expecting. She should give birth before Christmas and would love to visit relatives back home. How quick might Lambeth issue a birth certificate, she wonders? (click here)

Moomin has a Bugaboo and she’s pretty sure the chassis has broken. Bugaboo don’t appear to want to know and John Lewis are saying it’s out of warranty. For £1000 shouldn’t she expect more? (click here)

Two “Mummy Meet Up” posts. Pixie would love to meet mums around Wandsworth Common (click here) and Canuck would love to meet Canadian mums (click here).

Picklebear was looking for the details of the Home Sewn stand who were at the Northcote Road Xmas fete. The lovely Jonathan from Hamptons has stepped up to the plate. Thanks all! (click here)

Are you interested in a Balham nanny share? A77 would love to chat if you are! (click here)

1There is a new store in town and it’s gorgeous. Milk House Candles doesn’t sell pasteurized palaces but it does sell gorgeous candles! They’re just off East Hill and SO worth a visit! (click here)

BSM asks where she might have a necklace restrung? (click here).

Calaya asks if there are any French Clubs for children on a weekend? Si Vous Plait! (click here).

Do you need help with tech? Local IT whiz Tobias is back from university and ready to make all your software, phone, Apple and WiFi problems disappear. He’s highly recommended and lovely too! (click here).

Tin Pan Annie are great friends of NappyValleyNet and their Christmas shows are amazing. They’ve had to put on an extra performance such is the demand but if you were too late to buy a ticket (click here, there were a few left as of Sunday) then they’ve given NVN an exclusive competition where twenty can be won, details are behind this link.

1On the subject of giveaways. we finally have a winner for our “Win A Nappy Valley Christmas” competition (click here). One lucky local DID win their entire Christmas! If it wasn’t you, don’t forget we’ll have a TON of extra chances in the New Year and in the meantime we have heaps of exclusive offers and savings from fabby local firms (click here).

Three travel posts! LM is off to Cape Town and would love suggestions for where to stay? (click here)  LMK wonders what sort of visa their Australian nanny will need when she comes over in the New Year? (click here).MGB is a local mum and has posted details of Safestay York a gorgeous hostel bang in the centre of the ancient city and a perfect base from which to explore. Thanks MGB! (click here).

And whilst we’re on the subject of being out and about (see what I did there) our lovely friends at Likeminders want you to know they can sort out all your babysitting needs over the festive break. Thanks LM! (click here).

Are you looking for a new challenge? First Aid for Life have a vacancy for a part-time marketing manager (click here) plus we have tons more vacancies on our situations vacant page (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Simon Cowell has high waisted pants!

JH would love suggestions for a firm that can fit new kitchen doors to existing carcasses (click here). BM wonders if anyone has used Foxbury builders? (click here). Nuttymummy is considering selling a small flat at auction – is that a good idea? (click here)  TheFoot has managed to put a big hole in a bedroom door, any idea who might fix the wooden panel? (click here). Sylvia would love to recommend an oven cleaning firm (click here). SamT has a tenant with mice droppings – do you know who’ll get rid of the pesky varmits? (click here). Lastly, Bubs needs an electrician (click here)

We’ve moved Annabel’s Arcade INTO NappyValleyNet, it’s still our “totes free” buying and selling site!

FOR SALE: Isla Balance Bike (click here), Basic bouncer (click here) and a pair of Christian Louboutins! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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