Aupair nightmare please read. Mother unwilling to give diamonds to my wife. Massive tax bill whilst on maternity leave.

Last Updated on : 31st May 2016

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last Monday morning we were up early and preparing a brain-food breakfast for my daughter who was about to start her exam week.

She slouched down the stairs to be greeted with a motivational pep talk from Mr NappyValleyNet.

“All ready to knock ’em dead and show them what you’re made of?”

His “children’s TV presenter” shtick is enough to make anyone grouchy at 7am but my daughter just looked confused and asked what he was talking about.

“Your exams.”

She quickly woke up.

“That’s THIS week?”

I’m already looking forward to parent’s evening.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

Aupair nightmareMM has posted about an “Au Pair Nightmare”. Her friend has just asked her au pair to leave after allegedly finding evidence of her using their address to arrange visas for friends, copying family photographs and even her husband’s business card. (click here).

H.E. has a “first world problem” (his words). He would like to present his wife with a diamond ring to celebrate the birth of their first child but his own mother, who currently owns the rocks, isn’t so keen on handing them over. (click here)

Wandsworth Council have posted an update about Formula E in Battersea Park. Looks like, unlike that Phil Oakey song, Battersea Park and motor racing are no longer “Together in Electric Dreams”! (click here)

ActuallyADad asks why houses in SW6 are more expensive than those in SW11?The shops seem the same, there is less green space so why does it cost more, he wonders? (click here).

Our friends at Glow Dental are hosting an Invisalign open day on the 13th of June and there is up to £500 off to celebrate! Thanks for posting GD, both my little ones had their braces fitted at Glow and they SO enjoy the trips! (click here)

weekly1MM’s tax code has been messed up by HMRC whilst on maternity leave and she now has a MASSIVE tax bill. Has anyone else been in the same boat and did they allow you to create payment plan, she asks? (click here) I hope we can help!

Another post from an MM but a different MM! Her au pair is keen to play hockey in Battersea Park but can’t find the details of the club that plays there. Can you help her “bully off”? (click here)

MMSEN tells us that she’s just realised she has Aspergers. And that she’d like to form a couple of local groups to help women “on the spectrum”. Thanks for posting and do let us know if we can help publicise your group in future (click here)

Viva wonders where she might have a buggy cleaned? She can’t face the pram preening project herself! (click here)

Two mummy meet-up requests. If there are any Battersea Riverside mums over then there Anna would like to meet (click here) and Pope, who is in Wandsworth but feeling pretty sick at the moment, is pregnant and would also love to meet-up (click here).

And two shop closure questions. Has Aspace closed, ask Moops? They SO have Moops and it’s great to have you back! (click here) and what is going in the place of WH Smiths, asks Jen66? Well it’s all change in Balham with Tartine going as well!  (click here)

weekly1A fascinating thread featuring online reviews, censorship and an article in the Guardian. Who knew copyright law could be so controversial? (click here)

Our news and reviews section is bursting at the seams! Check out our review of Tommi’s Burger Joint and we spoke to Ensoul about professional project management and how it could help your build come in on time and on budget.

TooManyCookers wants your feedback on “stand mixers”. That’s for cakemix, not cement. Actually I’ll shut up now as our friends at Lords have posted a very helpful reply – thanks! (click here).

Looking for some top ideas for half-term happiness? Eddie Catz are running their fabby mini-yoga clubs, bringing zen-like calm to all four year to eight year olds! Ommm! (click here). If that wasn’t enough, FlipOut are running a “Go Wild” competition with prizes and give-aways for any bouncers dressed as animals! Boing! (click here)

There are two school open days we really want to tell you about. The lovely Cumnor House have an open day on Tuesday the 7th of June (click here) and Hornsby House are throwing open their doors on the 9th of June (click here).

WM’s little one has lost his Honeywell book bag. It has a book about a cat in it. Please shout if found! (click here)

weekly1BP would love your recommendations for Bouncy Castle hire? (click here) Don’t bounce in heels is my recommendation!

Have you heard of Soprano Ice Hair removal?, Sagittarius isn’t sure if it works? (click here)

RRScorpion asks how she might get to Chelsea and Westminster when she goes into labour as she doesn’t have a car? Might a taxi take her? Even if her waters are about to break? (click here)

WLCL is a local Chinese school and they’ve posted details of their traditional Chinese dance classes. Nee Hao! (click here).

Daisy wants to learn Italian over the summer – would you be interested in sharing classes? Bellissimo! (click here).

MTC is finding her Bugaboo Bee Plus a snug fit for her two year old. What should she buy next? (click here)

Those lovely people at Lords of London have posted details of Dreamfarm gadgets. Smood potato masher anyone? I thought a Smood was worn by New Romantic pop stars in the Eighties or am I getting confused? (click here)

DA is considering a holiday in Turkey – is it safe – she asks? (click here)

And sticking with travel, our friends at the lovely BlueMonkey hotel in Cornwall have two last minute cancellations for the 11th and 25th of June (click here)

Looking for a new challenge? We have a CV stuffed with vacancies!

A small creative business in Clapham is looking for an admin (click here). TattyBumpkin need a children’s yoga teacher. That’s to teach children, not a request for an underage guru! (click here)Done and Dusted are looking for P/T job sharing administrators (click here)The Magnolia Room in Putney need a receptionist on Thursdays (click here)  Katherine Low Settlement are hoping to hire a Head of Community Services (click here)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than Chelsea has flowers!

SW11 would love suggestions for a cracking carpenter (click here). And a gardener (click here). MadM wonders if boiling water taps are a good idea? (click here) DIMA is collecting feedback on Qualitas – any good? (click here). Sophette is searching for a good builder to advise on a house renovation (click here). LZ wants to recommend her brilliant plasterer (click here). Lastly, LHO is selling a number of genuine Victorian doors. Knock, knock! (click here)

FOR SALE: a Hill House yellow jersey (click here), Medway WANTS a children’s desk and bunk bed (click here) and Benaldo is GIVING AWAY an Avent bottle steriliser (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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