5 Reasons to dig an under garden basement vs under house basement

Last Updated on : 30th September 2016

Under garden basements add significant value to your property. Ensoul has delivered more than 2x return on investment for under garden basements in terms of basement cost vs the uplift in property valuation. But aside from adding serious amounts of floorspace and value, here are 5 reasons to go under your garden instead, or as well as under your house.

  1. Brighter and lighter
    By building a basement under a garden or driveway, we can architect in walk-on roof lights, lightwells and terraces to flood your basement with light.
  2. Fresher
    With lightwells and lower terraces you can throw open the doors to bring in fresh air and, with some planting and furniture you can even enjoy a small subterranean garden.
  3. Quicker
    If you have good side access to your garden or front access to your driveway, getting a piling rig in and installing a conveyor belt is much easier and could save you considerable time and hassle on your construction.
  4. Bigger
    If you are fortunate enough to have a long or wide garden, you can create a large basement footprint as an alternative or in addition to an under house basement.
  5. Lower impact to you and your neighbours
    Under garden basements are less of a structural risk to both your property and your neighbours’ properties as they are not underneath. They also create less noise and movement during the construction period as you are further away from your houses.

For those with a big garden or driveway who are thinking about a house extension, we recommend you consider an under garden basement or under driveway basement. Dig deep to get a high ceiling; put light-wells and roof lights in and you have an incredible space that feels just as good, if not better than your accommodation upstairs.

Cinema rooms, playrooms, games rooms, wine cellars, gyms, saunas, swimming pools, nanny, granny and teenage flats are just some of the ways we are seeing under garden basements being used.


Download our short guide on how we’ll work with you from here to planning approval.

And check back later as we’re writing a 2nd chapter on once we obtain planning approval, we technically design, build and fit out under garden basements.


Mike Lander,
Project Manager & Programme Director

Ensoul Interior Architecture offers a rare combination of specialist talent and experience in what we see as the four pillars to success: architectural and technical design, interior design, project management and procurement. Why work with us? If design is important to you and you’re looking for a contemporary home with every detail thought through from the inside out. If you’re looking to have your project professionally managed from end to end. And if you want something individual rather a stock solution. We are based on Wandsworth Common and take on a range of work, some includes significant extension work such as basements, side returns, rear extensions and loft conversions. And some are pure refurbishment projects with very little structural work. There is no minimum budget with us, but we are committed to delivering beautiful, design led work.



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