Dolphin versus Finton House. Poor GP service? Juggling childcare & interested in starting your own business?

Last Updated on : 1st October 2012
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Be careful what you wish for.

I bet the marketing team at Waitrose were wishing they”d paid closer attention to that old saying.

For those of you that didn”t catch the story in last week”s papers, the world”s poshest supermarket asked their Twitter followers “why they shopped at Waitrose?” Predictably the torrent of replies were not all “on brand” and my second favourite was “because Clarrisa”s pony just WILL NOT eat ASDA Value straw“. That fantastic reply pales into insignificance, however, with the cheekiest:

“I also shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Road branch and heard a dad say “put the papaya down, Orlando!“”

Here”s what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

Chadwicks is one of the most popular butchers in Wandsworth and now they”re running butchery classes. You get to prep your own carcass and you don”t have to be called Orlando to shop there!…click here for details

Pumpkin wants to know if you can suggest a great car rental service? Can you recommend some wonderful wheels?…click here for details

Emma Hammet is a great friend of NappyValleyNet and she has been nominated for an award from the Whats On 4 Team. She needs your votes to help her win!…click here for details

Pauline is a nanny and would like to meet other nannys around the Clapham Junction area. Maybe you could all go to Chadwicks for a butchery night out!…click here for details

Rachel is looking for flu vaccines for her family. She knows she will need to buy them but wants a reputable private clinic or doctor…click here for detail

Balham3838 is looking for cost-effective activities for her little one?…click here for details

SW11 wants her jewellery valued. I”ve posted details of Mr NVN”s ace experience with Asquiths, hope this helps…click here for details

What”s the best restaurant in Nappy Valley? There are a few here I”ve never heard of!…click here for details

Honeymummy wants to know how your teachers helped their new reception pupils settle down. It”s research for an article…click here for details

NappyValleyNannies are 4 years old! Congratulations! To celebrate they are offering a 25% discount off their usual fees. Oooh have you got any birthday cake?…click here for details

Supergirl wonders if any of you have registered with the Bridge Lane Doctors Surgery and how you find the service? She”s not very happy…click here for details

Mama Mari wants to know if you have any experiences of Judi Host acupuncturist?…click here for details

I think we might be a bit late answering this question but at least we”ll all know for next time. Wuzzallena asks if the Avalon is baby friendly?….click here for details

Are you interested in starting your own business? Would you like to hear success stories from those that have done just that? Amanda’s Action Club proudly presents ‘Start Up Success Stories’, an evening of inspirational business talks and discussions at the Hotel Rafayel, Battersea on Thursday, October 4th…click here for details

Twoundertwo needs a “supernanny”, her three year old has behavioral issues…click here for detail

An fascinating question from K8HB, “how do you juggle childcare when both parents work?” here for details

Cosmomummy wants to recommend an amazing visa lawyer. Her nanny”s visa was turned around in time for her holiday when all other lawyers said it couldn”t be done…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Laura needs a builder/architect. Is your brickie brilliant?…click here for details

Pinkpeony needs her kitchen “refreshing”, can you suggest someone to paint doors and bring it more up-to-date?…click here for details

Tinkerbell needs her curtains dry cleaning. Who can dazzle her drapes?…click here for details

Quirky Dovetail are running more of their fabby “Colour in Your Home” courses. Drinks, nibbles and a bit of interior design – sounds perfect!…click here for details

Moths! “How do you get rid of them?” asks Lula…click here for details

Listen up at the back, here come the school”s questions!

Jennywren has a lovely problem. Dolphin or Finton House school? Her little one has an offer from both!…click here for details

How will over-subscribed places be allocated at the new Jewish school? here for details

Which roads were close enough to win a place at the Swaffield school?…click here for details

Wandsworth Prep have an open evening coming up on the 8th October. If you are a school please post details of your open days and we”ll mention them in next week”s email…click here for details

How many places at Bolingbroke went to pupils who are “looked after”?…click here for details

Looking for a new job? ECHJ is looking for a new deputy creche manager…click here for details

Our friends at Glow Dental have posted details of their children”s dedicated dentistry service. It”s a gorgeous practice and right on Northcote here for details

Do you fancy yourself as the next Mumford and Sons? Easkew is offering traditional folk music lessons. Sigh no more! here for details

Our travel section is busier than an Easyjet check-in queue!

The Martinhal is a GORGEOUS hotel in Portugal. They”ve posted details of their facilities and prices. A kids club AND a spa, bliss!…click here for details

Rachel is off to Disneyland Paris and needs car hire advice.Which motor is marvellous for visiting Mickey and Minnie? (click here), My Travelling Nanny have posted details of their skiing holiday childcare (click here).

Looking for something to do? The wonderful Amanda, of the Action Kids fame, has just posted details of her new classes at the Common Ground…click here for details

The Park Kindergarten in Wimbledon – any good?…click here for details

“I wish I had known this before” is a cry that Helen Gray has heard many times. Her BabyDays antenatal sessions at the reCentre are designed to help your little one get the most out of breastfeeding and to help you overcome any problems along the way…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free “bought-and-sold-and-recycling” sister site. For sale this week:- a Mamas and Papas bath and changer (click here), a Peppa Pig house (click here) and Izzy wants a Trip Trapp (click here).

That”s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team



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