Helping a Depressed Husband, Trampoline Safety and Best Local Restaurant

Last Updated on : 1st October 2012

Last week my youngest was doing her science homework and asked “what is a parasite?” 

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Abbeville Kitchen: one of the best places to eat?

“Well”, Mr NappyValleyNet explained, “it is a creature that lives off another much bigger creature called a host”.

My daughter nodded.

“And the host…” continued Mr NVN in his best David Attenborough impression “gives up all of its goodness to the parasite who steals its food and lives inside it, so the host gets tired and hungry and sometimes dies”.

“Are we parasites?” asked my daughter. “Because we eat all your food, lived inside mummy and you’re always tired and grumpy”.

“Yes” continued my husband rapidly transforming before my very eyes from TV naturalist and child educator into Homer Simpson “you are a parasite but not as much as your…” and before he could name a relative of mine, ensuing I forever live in fear of my daughter naming her at family gatherings, I spilled my tea onto his lap and normality was restored.

Here”s what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

Thinking of buying a trampoline? Better read this first? Although many of you haven”t “jumped” to the same conclusion!…click here for details

Does your little one take AGES to get things done? There is an App for that!…click here for details

It”s almost Halloween. That means it”s almost time for the famous Eddie Catz Halloween party! There”ll be a Halloween disco, magic tricks with “Twitch the Witch”, Count Dracula and a fancy dress catwalk competition. Wooooooh!…click here for details

Helen at Little Legs wants to recommend the caterer “Caiger and Co” who “did” her dinner party last week. Thanks for the recommendation Helen…click here for details

Julian is thinking of getting a Leapfrog “Leap pad”. Good idea or will he be “hopping mad” once he has it?…click here for details

The best local restaurant thread has been viewed 1500 times in a week! It”s also been added to with a wonderful hint for a new restaurant in Tooting and sad news that Delicat is closing…click here for details

Sticking with theme, 8han would like to know the best local restaurant for a steak?…click here for details

More on the hospitality theme “Bertie and Boo” in Balham is closing, but it”s not all bad news…click here for details

One of our very happy competition winners has asked us to post the following about her personal training experience, sounds wonderful!…click here for details

Sparkletiger would like to get a personlised book for her daughter Xmas present but she isn”t sure which firm to use?…click here for details

A sad post from Tina, I really hope we can help. Her husband gets very depressed and she wonders how she might help?…click here for details

SallyP has her nappybag stolen outside a nursery on Mallinson Road. Have you found it, the police think it is most likely just to have been dumped?…click here for details

Is it possible to rent rabbits for a party? Is it LEGAL asks Jammummy? here for details

What are you doing on the 14th of November? Nothing? Well you *must* visit the Trinity Hospice Christmas fair! According to their post it”ll be a veritable Santa’s grotto of great gift ideas with 60 stalls selling gift, toys, books, beauty products, jewellery, fashion, pet accessories and food stuffs! Wow!…click here for details

Sabz is looking for an NHS dentist whom is great with children…click here for details

Hair removal – what actually works? Can you help?…click here for details

Northcote Nanny is a nanny. Can you guess where she works? She is looking for playdates for a 12 month old girl….click here for details

Golfwidow (LOVE the username) is looking for a stroller. Would you recommend yours?.…click here for details

Hjm is thinking of laser eye surgery. Where should she go?…click here for details

Almacetti has friends visiting for half-term, can you suggest a cost-effective B&B/hotel/flat? There is a Travelodge in Balham now and Lenny Henry seems to really like them! here for details

Daisydaisy is pregnant (congratulation) but should she take the whooping cough vaccine whilst pregnant?…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Bee wonders where she should go for a REALLY special kitchen?…click here for details

Twinmummy needs to baby proof a fireplace, how can she make it “grate” for her little one?…click here for details

LIT”s son”s bicycle was stolen on Thursday – please take care she warns…click here for details

Minatoku has a loft conversion done but it was done by “Bodge the Builder” not his talented friend Bob. Can she sue them? Yes she can!…click here for details

Angus wants to buy 4 Miele products. Where might he get a good deal?…click here for details

Listen up at the back, here come the school”s questions!

A lovely mention for Broomwood, I have dear friends with children there and they love it…click here for details

Ellesmum lives 1300m away and got a place this week in her chosen school, so some waiting lists are moving! here for details

Funlovingchildcare is having problems with the E-admissions website, her postcode doesn”t appear. Is anyone else affected?…click here for details

Last week I asked schools to post details of their open days. Thanks to Northcote Lodge (click here), Broomwood Hall (click here) and Shaftsbury Park who have all posted details (click here). 

Sticking with bi-lingual, Aliyeo asks how Wix”s school “classic stream” compares versus the bi-lingual stream?…click here for details

Looking for a new job? Sean has posted details of a credit control/billing vacancy for a property company…click here for details

Hiccups is looking for a GP surgery around Battersea Square. She”s not very happy with her current here for details

Do you love a bargain? “Outlet Tours” have posted details of their tours to Bicester Village, Ashford Designer Outlet Village, Freeport Braintree, The Burberry Factory or Paul Smith Sale Shop? here for details

MummySW18 is off to Spain with her family! Yay! She asks for flying tips with her little ones aged 5, 4, 3 and 6 months. Wow! Do let us know how you and your fellow passengers get on!…click here for details

Linda wants to go hiking. Can you suggest some “trails” she can hit that are accessible by train?…click here for details

Balhamite has offers from both Marmalade and the Oaktree. Which nursery should she choose?…click here for details

Paty is looking for a nursery for her 8 month old daughter near Clapham South…click here for details

Ckwmum asks where she can get measured for a nursing bra?…click here for details

We made some changes to AnnabelsArcade! It can now take pictures up to 2.5 Megabytes so you should get less “big picture errors” and it shouldn”t now log you out! If it”s not working for you please do let me know. For sale this week:- a blue Micro scooter (click here), a Maxi Cosi Priorifix (click here) and Ckw would like a Phil & Teds Cocoon – she”s happy to borrow if that”s easiest? (click here).

That”s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team


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