£100k for 3 bathrooms: reasonable? Valuing house split in divorce? Local filmmaker hits the big time!

Last Updated on : 13th March 2017

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Twelve months ago we published the very first NappyValleyNet Design & Build Guide.

Our aim was to produce an authoritative annual, packed full of genuinely useful information, to help you create a gorgeous home for you and your family.

We must have done something right as your feedback has been phenomenal and I’m delighted to say that the 2017 edition, which is even bigger and better, should be popping through your letter box in the next few days.

We do, however, respect “No Junk Mail” signs so if you don’t receive a copy, and feel you’re missing out, please do ping me an email (click here) jotting down your name and address and I’ll send one over.

Happy reading, I SO want the house on page 6!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

SL’s neighbours have built a football pitch in their backgarden! With goals, artificial grass and floodlights! As the nights get longer so do their games – what can she do? (read more). The first person to suggest a pop-up pie shop to make money at half-time gets banned!

weekly1-copyRooting4Tooting has a fascinating question: a friend was divorced 10 years ago and her ex. still has 35% of the marital home. Would that be at the current value or 2007 prices? (read more).

Would you like to learn to butcher half a pig? What do you mean it’s not on your bucket list? And what do you do with the other half – keep it as a pet? All these questions and more will be answered by the Avenue Cookery School! Oink! (read more)

SW11er wants to know all about the ice hockey in Streatham. Do you just turn up? Is it ticketed? Is it suitable for children? Will BREXIT actually happen? Sorry – I popped that last question in myself! (read more).

weekly1-copyThis is a very timely question: do grammar schools create “educational apartheid”, ask NSC? NSC was one of the powers behind the Bolingbroke Academy and he’s really not happy about the recent changes announced by the “Nasty Party” (read more).


And onto local politics: GD73 asks if you’ll sign a petition to request a town hall meeting with Jane Ellison? He’s not happy about BREXIT (read more). BuddyBear writes that Councillor Cook’s letter about the Northcote Road library contains mis-information (read more).

weekly1-copyFrom politics to the high street: Jen66 asks if anyone knows what’s taking the place of WHSmith in Balham? (read more)

Poppet27 has an escalating building cost and bi-fold dilemma: should she save £1500 and have a chunky nib in her kitchen or should she not go on holiday for two years and have wider panes? I hope we can help! (read more).

Sticking with high building costs, 40plus wonders if £100k for three bathrooms is a lot? (read more). I think you both might need our new Design and Build Guide!

It’s time for the NappyValleyNet Spring Meet-Up and you’ll find us at Skylark on Wandsworth Common. Fabulous tea and coffee and delicious pastries. It’s free but you must book your space, so fastest finger first…see you there!

weekly1-copyLooking for Italian classes for your little one? Gemima has posted details about one option but not everyone was impressed (read more).

Wandsworth Council want your opinion on plans to protect 35 green spaces. Sounds like a good idea to me (read more)

From green spaces to the boys in blue (see what I did there!). The Met. have a new website and they want to tell you all about it (read more).

FT is looking for weekend tennis for a three year old? Do you know where her little one can serve up a treat? (read more) Actually I DO! ‘Julian Tennis Coach’ just posted EXACTLY THAT! Honestly! (read more)

DD has invented a brand new medicine dispensing device – it looks brilliant but she needs your help to make it a reality! (read more).

Supergirl’s little one is suffering from visual stress. I am so sorry to hear that SG. She asks if anyone else on NVN has had to deal with it as well and can you share any advice? (read more)

MJEL asks if Chelsea and Westminster allow elective caesareans? (read more)

Nurturing Mums are offering all NappyValleyNetters a free trial of their lovely post-natal course. Seriously nice people and a seriously useful course! (read more)

Mummybear wants to tell you all about an incredible local filmmaker and his new movie The Time of Their Lives. It’s showing in cinemas from NOW and the trailer is amazing! (read more)

Sticking with films, I’m sure there can’t be many people who haven’t seen Korean expert Robert Kelly being interuppted by his young children as he gave a live BBC TV interview across Skype but…if you haven’t seen it yet then do take a look! (read more)

We have more travel posts than that video had views!

Looks like a few of you are interested in cool Villas in Ibiza (read more). Fancy cycling around Lombardy in October – well if you follow this link you can! Looking for a Mark Warner holiday – Travel Designers have some fantastic deals right now (read more). SW and her partner are taking their first holiday without the kids  – yay! –  where should they go? First person to suggest Centreparcs gets banned! (read more) 

We have more school posts than the grammar school expansion has supporters and detractors

KS would love to know if you’d recommend the Mouse House or Beatrix Potter nursery schools? (read more) BBKL wonders if you can suggest a good primary for a child suffering with ADHD? (read more). Viva is looking for your feedback on The White House (read more) AI asks the same but for WIX (read more). TNT is considering a move from Colliers Wood to Earlsfield for the schools – is that sensible? (read more)Rae99 is looking for a qualified dyslexia assessor (read more). Bluebird is panicking – her youngest is on the reserve list for a Thomas’s assessment but she’s hoping that his elder sister will win a place in the meantime, will she qualify for a sibling place if she does? (read more)

We have more “House and Garden” questions than we’ve published Design and Build Guides!

EL needs a new fence – who can put it up for her? (read more). MC has a kitchen roof-light that needs replacing – any ideas who might help? (read more) KP1 would like to her remove her back door and install bi-fold doors – who can submit the necessary planning documents? (read more). MJJ is looking for a corgi registered heating engineer ASAP (read more). PS asks if Pestalance are still the best rodent removers in Nappy Valley – that’ll be a yes then! (read more). Val72 needs a builder for a front garden wall (read more). MASJ would love your removal firm recommendations (read more) MSiL is in the market for laminate and engineered wood – any supplier suggestions (read more). Del has a stuck letter box – who can prise it open? (read more). The Potter Perrin annual sale is on NOW on St Johns Hill (read more). Finally, Chestnut is searching for a tree surgeon (read more)

Looking to buy or sell? It’s totally free to post your items on NappyValleyNet

FOR SALE: Snuz Pod (read more), FOR SALE Bugaboo Cameleon (read more) and FREE pine triple wardrobe (read more)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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