Tiger Dram, Curry & Whisky experience – Exclusive discount offer for NappyValley readers

Part of the British legacy in India is the Indian’s love of whisky. India is one of the biggest export markets for scotch and a passion for a dram is something that continues to this day.


How then does this love of the world’s greatest drink then marry up with the love of what Gordon Ramsay himself has claimed is the world’s greatest food. Well Tiger Dram, the new pop up from Battersea rise favourite Cornish Tiger is keen to give NappyValley readers the chance to find out.

Curry and whisky could be made for each other, both have strong yet complex flavours and no two are ever alike. Tiger Dram wants to invite you to open your eyes and your taste buds to the possibilities of this ideal food pairing, as well as the more traditional beer.

Tiger Dram is located behind a secret entrance at the back of Cornish Tiger. Rub the Buddha’s belly and ring the cow bell to make your entrance to a world of sharing plates, fine whiskies and well-chosen beers.

20% off food AND a free welcome whisky for NappyValleyNet readers, just quote NappyValleyNet when making your booking for table before the 30th of September. So go on give your tongue a treat, Tiger Dram looks forward to welcoming you soon.




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