The White House Preparatory School enters the BBC Radio 2 “500 Words” Competition


We are delighted to let you know that yesterday The White House Preparatory School took part in the annual BBC Radio 2 “500 Words” challenge, now in its seventh year.

Our Year 3-6 children watched the ‘live lesson’,and have started writing their stories which will be entered to the competition. The children are free to choose their own subject focus and our Year 5 class will be basing their stories on the War, a subject they are studying currently. 

We are thrilled to take part in this brilliant competition as it inspires and motivates the children. Writing a story in 500 words is also a superb challenge as it ensures pupils really focus on their language choices and it’s a great way to keep the fun in learning.


Please see further information on the competition here: s programmes/articles/about- 500-words


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