Welcome to NappyValleyNet. We're a new local community for mums and their young families in Richmond, Twickenham & Teddington. We have a big sister site in Wandsworth and Clapham that's been a huge hit with mums there so we're hoping that it works just as well for you too.

We're here to make your life easier by giving you the inside track on everything from top local schools, sports and activities to fabulous special offers and promotions. You can chat to other mums, share your tips and discover what everyone else is talking about. Need a nanny or au-pair? Simply post your free advert. Not sure which magician to book for a birthday bash? You'll find plenty of suggestions or just ask the other mums for their top tips.

And because NappyValleyNet is for you too, you'll find the name of the hottest hairdresser or the most relaxing café, plus the scoop on yoga classes, shopping, beauty therapists and family holidays.

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Bomb threat evacuates Wandsworth school. One Direction star to buy £20 million Nappy Valley home? 2017 local school registration list already closed. Ken Hom Chinese New Year event

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "And if I've timed it correctly, those will be her new shoes." Every now and again Mr NappyValleyNet likes to interfere with the running of the house. His motivations are not unkind, he just labours under the misapprehension that his ideas might make a positive difference. This week his "I've got an MBA let me help you … [Read More...]


Parent “knocks out” teacher in Clapham Primary. Rats close Southside store. School stops midmorning snacks. First meet-up of 2016!

Dear NappyValleyNetter, Last week we had one of those central heating widgets installed that allows you to control the temperature from an app. It's brilliant because if you're disorganized (like me) you can switch on your radiators when you're out so its nice and warm on your return. But there is a problem. It can be controlled from … [Read More...]


Enjoying another man’s company: dangerous? Pre-schools introduce catchment areas! Aspace closed? Local school round-up!

Dear NappyValleyNetter, "One bloke." As part of the current "Get Mr NVN Fit" campaign I've been prodding him to take some exercise. The prodding turned to pushing until eventually he capitulated and agreed to take part in a class as long as I booked it for him, his view being that he shouldn't have to expend energy just to join a class when … [Read More...]