Pocket Money and paying for jobs

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Pocket Money and paying for jobs

Postby seonaidmack » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:30 am


1. Do you give pocket money, if so how much
2. Do you pay for household jobs if so how much
3. Aged 13+ if they go to cinema, lunch do you pay or do they
4. Do you pay for school sweets

Mine aged 10 and 13 at present no pocket money, no job money, just pay when they ask in reason

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Re: Pocket Money and paying for jobs

Postby snowyhunter » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:38 am

We've just started giving pocket money to our children who are 7 and nearly 9. They get £2 per week each as standard then we say to them that they can earn an extra £2 if they do the jobs around the house that we ask them to do without moaning (usual stuff lay / clear the table / tidy a room etc).
Each job "earns" them 20p (up to £2) so it's only 10 jobs a week and if they don't want to do it 20p is held back. So it's up to them to do jobs and earn, if they don't want to it's fine, it has totally stoped the moaning and arguing about who is doing what. It might seem a lot at a potential £4 a week but they don't spend it on sweets, they tend to save it for things they want.

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Re: Pocket Money and paying for jobs

Postby ladyofacertainage » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:38 pm

My kids are 12,15 and 17, they get £1 a week cash in hand and the rest of their pocket money goes straight into their bank accounts (HSBC, with debit card and internet access) This means they can have their itunes accounts on their own accounts, pay for cinema tickets or stuff online. They cannot spend more than they have as accounts won't let them get overdrawn. they get £20, £17 and £10 each a month plus christmas and birthday money. For anything else they have to earn, babysitting, mowing grass, washing car, other jobs such as washing up are non-paying,they have to do them as part of the family. 2 eldest are boys have no interest in clothes so I still buy all their clothes, shoes,toiletries etc otherwise they would look like tramps. I will sub trips to cinema/lunch out at end of term/special occasions but the rest of the time they pay for themselves unless they go with me. Hope that helps.

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