A Level Results for Dulwich College 2016

For boys who completed their A levels in June and received their results this August, Dulwich College are delighted to report that 89.7% of all grades awarded are at A*AB (86.3% in 2015). These results have ensured that almost all of our pupils can progress to the next stage of their education with confidence, the great majority to undertake the courses they had hoped to study at competitive universities in the UK and abroad.

Our AS results have also been pleasing. They suggest we have a very sound foundation on which to build for success with the new Upper Sixth. 76% of papers were graded A or B (75% in 2015) and 83 boys have achieved at least three A grades (98 in 2015, but from a larger cohort and this year’s statistics do not include grades for History and English, taken by 76 and 42 boys respectively, in which AS papers were not sat).

Behind all the statistics there lies a plethora of heartening individual stories, but while we are delighted for the boys who have exceeded their own or our expectations and with those top-line figures quoted above, our thoughts and work today are with those who still need help to get to the institutions at which they wish to study or to reconsider their plans for tertiary education and I’m very proud of the work being done by my senior team and heads of department in this regard.

Dr Joe Spence, Master of Dulwich College




For more information contact: Director of Communications, Jane Scott scottjm@dulwich.org.uk

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