JAGS welcomes new intake with increased financial support for low income parents

James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS) in South London has started the 2017 school year with a significant increase in financial assistance for girls from low income families.

20% of the new year 7 pupils are benefitting from JAGS’s generous bursary scheme, the equivalent of a full class. Over 80% of all their fees will be covered by the bursaries and many families will pay nothing at all.

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JAGS offers its own bursary scheme to ensure that the school is accessible to girls from any economic background, not just those whose families can afford to pay for their education.

All financial assistance provided by the scheme is means tested to ensure that it is given to those who need it most. Families currently receiving full bursaries include those who earn the living wage or lower, single parents, parents who can’t work due to disability and parents on zero hours contracts.

The Head of JAGS, Sally-Anne Huang said:

“It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to support so many girls’ families this year. At JAGS we strive to make a positive contribution to our local community so it’s important that we attract a mix of pupils that truly reflect our south London neighbourhood.

“We are always working on ways to grow our bursary fund so that girls from all walks of life can continue to be part of our school.”




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