How to start a conversation or post on NappyValleyNet!

Many of you have asked how you actually post on this site.
And by post I mean start a conversation or reply to a conversation.
This quick guide will show you how.

If you have any problems at all please just email

1) Firstly, you need to register. Click the register button, you can see where this button on the HOME PAGE as it appears in the first picture below. It is highlighted in yellow. If you want to get to this form quickly just click here

How to start a conversation or post on NappyValleyNet

2) Fill in the form (this takes about 30 seconds, tops).

3) You USED to have to wait for an email but now you don’t. Simply use the username and password to “LOG IN”.  You do this by finding and clicking the log in button and type in the username and passsword you set in (2). 

I have ringed this button in green in the picture below in this thread or you can get to the log in screen BY CLICKING HERE.

How to start a conversation or post on NappyValleyNet

4) To start a new conversation click the icon of the forum where you want to make the post, for example if you want to ask a question click the little grey icon at the top shaped like a question mark. Then click the “start new topic” button which is circled in BLUE below

If you want to REALLY keep it simple just follow the links below for our most popular forums BUT you havr to be logged in first!

A. “Got A Question” then CLICK HERE

B. “Meet a Mum” then CLICK HERE

C. “Nanny and au pair vacancies” then CLICK HERE

When you have written what you want press the submit button.

6) To reply to someone else’s thread simply go to the conversation you want to take part in and click “Reply”.

Don’t forget you have to be logged in to reply.

The “Reply” button is circled in black in the fourth picture in this thread.

When you have made your comment press “Submit” which is a button at the bottom!

Well done, you’ve done it and thank you for using and





PS if you want to post somewhere else other than “GOT A QUESTION” then follow these instructions…

  1. Navigate to the forum you want e.g. “Nanny Vacancies”
  2. Then click the “Start New Topic Button”. I have ringed this button in BLUE in the picture above
  3. Then click submit!

Any questions do email me on



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