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5 Top Tips for settling your child into Nursery School


Preparation is everything!
Explain to to your child what is going to happen when they go to nursery. There are some great books available that you can read with your child, focusing on the positives of nursery and the different activities on offer, ‘My First Day at Nursery’ by Becky Edwards, “Lulu loves Nursery’ by Camilla Reid and “Maisie Goes to Playschool’ are three suggestions. Briefly explain to your child where you will be whilst they are at nursery, “ ‘doing the shopping” “getting lunch ready” or “going to work” and, most importantly, that you will be coming back. Young children have little or no concept of time so try and avoid making references to time such as, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours”.

Its all about familiar faces.
Visit the nursery with your child before the official start date.Most nurseries will invite you and your child to come and meet your child’s ‘key person’ at eh the nursery for a short settling in period. Other nurseries may additionally suggest a home visit where your child’s ‘key person’ will come and meet you and your child at home.

Quick Goodbyes.
The longer you delay saying goodbye at drop off, the more your child will feel your inevitable apprehension. Leave quickly and decisively. Trust the staff to settle your child. Nursery staff have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most fun and effective ways to distract your child in order to make nursery a positive experience.

Don’t give in!
No matter how much your child protests about not going back to nursery – do not give in! Communicate with your child’s ‘key person’ so they are aware of any problems and keep reassuring your child that nursery is a lovely place to go where they will have lots of fun.

It’s always worse for you!
Make good use of the time during which your child is at nursery. Just because your child is settling in and no longer crying at drop off, does not menthe have forgotten about you! Keep busy and enjoy the time away from your child so that you can make the most of the time you have together.


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