Five Tips For Overcoming Back Pain During Pregnancy

Five Tips For Overcoming Back Pain During Pregnancy

Low back pain is a normal and common complaint of pregnant women. It is the result of hormonal, postural and other physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.

Here are five tips from reCentre’s Women’s Health specialist to help you overcome your pain and manage your symptoms.

1. Avoid sitting for long periods. Whether you are working at your computer or watching TV, take regular short breaks to walk around and stretch your back every hour.

2. Don’t sit on a soft low chair or slouch on the sofa with your feet on the coffee table. Choose a harder chair and place your buttocks at the back of the seat. This is better for your back. It will also prevent baby leaning against your spine and will allow her to move down into an ideal birthing position in the late stages of your pregnancy.

3. Stretch the muscles of your spine and your bottom regularly as these muscles can struggle to adapt to the exaggerated curvature of your spine during pregnancy and may cause pain.

4. It is worth investing in a special pregnancy pillow that you can place under your tummy when lying on your side or under your knees if sleeping on your back is comfortable. This will help prevent your tummy pulling on your spine and will allow the ligaments of your pelvis to relax.

5. Keep moving your pelvis regularly by doing pelvic tilts – forwards, backwards and sideways either lying down or sitting on a Swiss Ball.

If you are unsure of how to follow any of the tips above or would like some more advice, please contact and a therapist will get in touch.

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