Film Festival Triumph for Balham Teenager

Balham Teenager


Patrick Eastlake, a teenage filmmaker from Balham, has won his first film festival award. Along with collaborator Charlie Carroll, Patrick’s documentary ‘Sweet Watson’ won the Best Budget and New Media Short at the Winchester Short Film Festival.


Balham TeenagerOf his win, he comments: “We were really shocked to win the prize, the award ceremony was very exciting. We brainstormed loads of different ideas before coming up with the documentary.  We had a rough storyboard and although we did all the filming over a couple of days, the making of the film took a lot longer. There was a lot of fine-tuning and editing, which I think made the film what it was.”

Patrick’s love of filmmaking comes from attending Studio Film School’s Balham group since 2013. The local film school offers children and young people the opportunity to learn about filmmaking based on practical workshop activities and production projects. As a member of the ‘Startups’ teenage crew, he’s been responsible for producing eight previous short films along with other teenage filmmakers. One of the previous films made by the group was screened at several independent film festivals last year. Patrick adds, “When I joined Studio Film School, I knew nothing about film making; it opened my mind to how much you can do with a camera and an idea. The team are pretty much responsible for getting me into film – the whole idea that I would now like to pursue a career in film has come from them.”


Patrick EastlakeStudio Film School’s director Dan Farrell comments, “We are incredibly proud of Patrick’s achievements, it’s really inspiring to see how far he has come in the time that we’ve known him. I’m pleased to see he’s now taking on independent projects and even happier that his talent has been recognised. We watched ‘Sweet Watson’ together as a group and everyone agreed it was a brilliant piece of filmmaking.”

Speaking of his ambitions, Patrick says, “In the future I’d like to make more short films, perhaps a narrative film where there’s lots more elements at play – I think it’d be more difficult but I’d probably learn from that.”

Studio Film School aim to nurture the next generation of UK film talent. Children as young as 4, right up to ambitious teenagers, develop creative skills, confidence, friendships, and a love of film.

• The Startups group is open to filmmakers aged 14 – 19 and meets weekly on Saturday afternoons, based at Broomwood Hall School

• Activities for ages 7 – 14 run on Saturday mornings, divided into peer age groupings. Each term, members explore a new theme, building up an awareness of different filmmaking techniques, styles and contexts.


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