Field and Flower at the BBC

Field and Flower at the BBC

If you’d asked me what I might be doing on a cold dark night in Balham,  I don’t think I’d have guessed last week’s activity in a million years.
You see last Thursday I watched as a pig was butchered (I must add it was already dead) in an upstairs room at the Balham Bowls Club.

It was fascinating.

And I’m a vegetarian.

It’s not a regular event, although bearing in mind the huge turn-out I can imagine a butchery class might sit well alongside their whist drives and comedy evenings, but it was actually organized by our good friends at Field and Flower.

They’d invited their SW London customers, and a few lucky guests, to what can only be described as a “Show and Tell”.

The evening was an opportunity to try a whole heap of meats, learn all about their sourcing and sustainability policy and then top it off by watching how a proper butcher would reduce half a pig into its constituent parts of bacon, chops, hams, hoofs and more.

My biggest take away (apart from some huge gammon slices for Mr NVN’s supper) was the energy, enthusiasm and love which goes into all of their meat. They talked with real passion about the problems of rearing  high quality pigs, how you keep them happy, where they should live and what they should eat, it almost made me want to take one home as a pet instead of pop it in the oven!

So feast your eyes on the photos and check out the Field and Flower website for something a little special this Christmas.


Field and Flower at the BBC


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