Father Christmas And His Reindeer Visit Hornsby House School

The children at Hornsby House School had a lovely surprise when they arrived at school today for the last day of term. 

They were greeted by Father Christmas in his sleigh, along with his elves and three reindeer.  Children, parents and staff sang carols together in the playground and were able to stroke and feed the reindeer – it was a memorable start to the Christmas holidays.

The children from the three Reception classes had an extra special treat.  After the rest of the school had gone into their classrooms, Father Christmas gave each Reception child a present and they all had a turn at sitting in the sleigh.  Father Christmas then toured the rest of the school, delivering a sack of presents to each class.

 Edward Rees, Headmaster, said, “This was a wonderful way for us to celebrate the end of a busy term.  Father Christmas, presents, carols and three real reindeer – it was very special and we are definitely all ready for Christmas now!”


For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact:

Mrs Alex Salandin at Hornsby House School
Hearnville Road, SW12 8RS

020 8673 7573 or school@hornsbyhouse.org.uk  


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