Here Are the Details of the Soon-To-Be Revised ‘Child Car Seat’ Law

Later this year, you can expect to see some changes in the child car seat rules. The revisions involve backless booster seats, where they will be limited to older children.

So, for now, here are some details on what the adjustments will relate to.

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What will change?

A report by Which? shares that the new regulations will only allow children who are taller than 125cm and weigh more than 22kg to travel around in cars with backless booster seats.

Why are the laws being changed?

Authorities find it a necessary provision to implement this law on the recommendations of the consumer watchdog. They say that booster seats, also referred to as booster cushions, are low-priced but not as safe for our tender-aged children.

“A decent high-backed booster seat provides better protection in a front crash, as they’re designed to guide the adult seat-belt across the child’s body properly, and our crash tests prove they offer much more protection in a side-impact crash that a backless booster seat alone,” Which? child car seat expert, Lisa Galliers, said.

When can we expect these rules to be implemented?

The revised rules will be introduced in December of this year. By then, manufacturers on the market will also have made the necessary changes to the details of their products.

What will the penalty be like for ignoring the new rules then?

You will be sanctioned with a fine of up to £500 for breaking this law when it becomes official.

For information about the current car child seat laws, visit the UK government site here.

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