Crossing digital continents

Alleyn’s Junior School is using the latest technology to help children learn across the curriculum. Their year 4 pupils used Skype to interview an Australian conservationist to support their learning in science and humanities. The project focused on a proposed development in Perth where the local council wants to cut down a large patch of forest land to develop a retirement village.


After watching a video about the area, the pupils discussed the development plans and debated the pros and cons of the forest vs redevelopment. They then joined a local conservationist, via Skype, to interview him about the situation. The Year 4 pupils then wrote about their experience and expressed their final opinion.

Science Co-ordinator at Alleyn’s Junior School, Brett Goldspink says; “Using technology in this way benefits the children’s learning generally and gives them a wider perspective on environmental issues such as deforestation. This is just one of the ways in which we’re creating a blended learning environment for the children and helping them to navigate the digital world.”


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