Will Wandsworth have enough secondary school places?

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Will Wandsworth have enough secondary school places?

Postby beanzmeanz » Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:18 pm

I read the previous post about building 8 new classrooms at Sheringdale School to accommodate extra 30 extra children every year with interest – this is great news for parents of 4s and under in Southfield.

However, am I alone in wondering where these and all the other children who have filled the places created under the school expansion programme will go to secondary school? 25 extra reception classes over the past 3 years means roughly 750 extra secondary places will be needed in Wandsworth in the near future. And this time, Wandsworth Council knows in advance that those places will be required.

I would be interested to know how Wandsworth are planning to accommodate all these children when they reach year 7. (Not to mention all the children who have to stay on at secondary school as a result of the raising of the school leaving age to 17 and then 18)

I'm not trying to scaremonger, I am genuinely concerned.
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Re: Will Wandsworth have enough secondary school places?

Postby KatherineHepburn » Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:17 pm

I couldn't agree more.
Thank goodness some parents had the foresight to set up the Bolingbroke Academy. Sadly though I'm not convinced that one extra school will be enough. I'd be interested to see the stats too.
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Re: Will Wandsworth have enough secondary school places?

Postby Bubs » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:56 am

Agree wholeheartedly. I know one private girls school is looking to expand to secondary (though clearly that's not a choice for everyone) and receiving huge opposition from local residents who say homes (the site is currently flats) are more needed. As this post clearly demonstrates though, secondary school places desperately needed. Wandsworth council have some big decisions to make, and a lot to think on as 'nappy valley' continues to grow .....
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Re: Will Wandsworth have enough secondary school places?

Postby Team Southfields » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:22 pm

The secondary school question is a very interesting one indeed. We had to find one for our daughter in 2010.

Wandsworth have done a very good job with raising standards in primary schools but they have not equalled this in secondary schools. Things may have changed but back in 2010 (with the exception of the Graveney Grammar stream which for us was too awkward a journey and our daughter probably wasn't going to get into the top stream) we could not find a single Wandsworth school we were prepared to put on the application form.

We simply could not find a school that offered triple science (a science teacher at a fairly new church school did not even know what separate sciences were and whether they could be taught), a good choice of MFLs or a classical language. I am at a loss to understand how a comprehensive school can claim to meet the needs of all abilities if it doesn't provide an academic curriculum for the most able.

It was very disappointing indeed. We eventually applied to only two schools, one in H&F and one in Westminster. Our daughter was offered places at both; her second choice first and her first choice from the wait list albeit very quickly. If she hadn't been offered either of those places we would have had to remortgage.

Come on Wandsworth - it's time to raise your game. London needs to keep essential services and to do that policemen, paramedics, nurses and teachers need to have the option to stay here without compromising the education of their children.