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Postby exhausted23 » Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:23 pm

Some four months ago my daughter switched on a light and blew every light in the house. We had three companies come in and have a look at the problem.

Two said the only answer was a complete rewire at £7,500 (and then we'd have to make good), the third, only rewire the very old parts of the house - two floors, at £2,500. So the choice was fairly obvious. When we contacted the chosen supplier to book a date to start work he was unable to help due to ill health so we were back to square one.

With winter looming we were getting quite anxious and contacted the very wonderful Phillip at Balham Electrical Services. 45 minutes and £72 later, the entire problem was solved. Seriously, I jest you not!

He also told me to replace our halogen down lighters with LED's to avoid the same problem and save a fortune on the electricity. Hurrah, we can have a holiday after all!

Be careful out there folks!