La Petite Bretagne – the freshest, family-friendly creperie in the neighbourhood. Allez-y!

As we approached La Petite Bretagne on foot from the Abbeville Road direction, tummies were grumbling after a busy Saturday morning of activities/homework/housework/slight hangover.  You know the feeling.  Nerves of both old and young were fraying around the edges thanks to blood sugar levels dipping perilously low.  Thankfully that mood was short-lived. As we walked in, we felt instantly far from the madding crowds and quickly took in our light, bright and airy surroundings of a modern take on … [Read more...]

A mixed Monday at the Meat Up Grill

Whereas Thursday is the new Friday for many bars and restaurants Monday is probably the new Sunday. Sunday according to a statistic that I’m sure I remember reading rather than just making up, is now the third most popular day of the week for going out. Now I assume that includes a lot of lunches, but it’s still a far cry from the days of my youth when the most exciting thing to do on the sabbath would be to look out of the window to see if it’d started raining. With Sunday now a Funday, … [Read more...]

Tiger Dram, Curry & Whisky experience – Exclusive discount offer for NappyValley readers

Part of the British legacy in India is the Indian’s love of whisky. India is one of the biggest export markets for scotch and a passion for a dram is something that continues to this day. How then does this love of the world’s greatest drink then marry up with the love of what Gordon Ramsay himself has claimed is the world’s greatest food. Well Tiger Dram, the new pop up from Battersea rise favourite Cornish Tiger is keen to give NappyValley readers the chance to find out. Curry and … [Read more...]

Table for one – going solo at the Thai Grocer

  As anyone who’s had to do it more than once knows, dining alone can be a miserable experience. I often have to travel on my own both for business & pleasure, but one of the things I dread is looking for somewhere to eat. Oh once you’re inside its fine, there’s your book leaning up against the wine glass whilst you quite happily consume and imbibe until the words run together in front of your eyes. It’s getting the table that presents the challenge. There you are queueing behind … [Read more...]

A fine bromance 1 – A lads night at Red Dog South.

  So we all know that is a parenting site and that families are our first love, so having a short series of reviews on venues for a boys’ night out might seem counterintuitive. It is those very families though that have cut down on our time for socializing, meaning we no longer have the patience to suffer through another mediocre night out when who knows when we’ll get another opportunity. Family commitments have added scarcity value to our times of male bonding, and we … [Read more...]

National Burger Day!

Today marks a very special day for the stable fast food great - the burger. That’s right, it’s National Burger Day (best holiday ever), and to celebrate, Portico London estate agents have found five of the tastiest burger joints in town, and secured you a Portico Places discount at each and every one…   Ben's Canteen If you want a burger - or a challenge - head to Ben’s Canteen in Battersea or Earlsfield. Take your pick from the almighty Salad Dodger (pictured), The BC Burger (an … [Read more...]

Ben’s Brazilian Brunch – Ben’s canteen Earslfield.

Garratt lane offers a surprisingly wide choice of destinations these days for the bruncher to be. From Carluccio’s to Mel’s via the Double Bubble and Belle Amis there is something for everyone and Wandsworth’s most famous street is becoming something of a brunch Mecca. Ben’s Canteen, Earlsfield, has been open a couple of years now. It’s a very pleasant spot located about 200 yards from the station and across the road from the aforementioned Mel’s. For many years it was a successful wine bar … [Read more...]

Girasole – A local delight

Girasole is a trattoria/pizzeria situated on one of the quieter stretches of Garratt Lane. You might know where I mean, about half way down from Earlsfield station to the mega Sainsbury’s in Wandsworth town, in that parade of shops on the other side of the street but not quite so far down as the Old Sergeant. Got it now? Good. This is a part of Wandsworth/Earlsfield which is undergoing a significant amount of gentrification, the Jolly Gardeners is now a successful gastro pub with a strong … [Read more...]

High steaks – Zelman Meats

Zelman meats is a fairly new establishment in St. Anne’s court, Soho. Where I hear you ask? You know that alleyway between Dean Street and Wardour Street, I say. Ah yes, been down there hundreds of times, never really knew what it was called, I hear you reply. Don’t worry I’m not really hearing voices, it’s just I’ve been asked to explain its location many many times. Strangely enough having wandered through St. Anne’s court more times than I can count, I’ve never eaten there. The location … [Read more...]

Buona Sera – The definition of a good evening

  I’d always hoped that one of the perks of writing this occasional column, would be the opportunity to try out new and exciting cutting edge eateries. You know the sort, where wine is served in marshmallow form and even the cutlery is edible. ‘Oh the irony,’ I found myself thinking as I found myself once more sitting with the Ultimate Rugby Fan (URF) at a table in Buona Sera on the Northcote road. Trendy, unsettling, avant garde, these are just some of the phrases you won’t associate … [Read more...]

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