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People usually have a rough idea of how much drink to buy for a party. Its OK to wing it if buying for a small gathering, but when the numbers are larger it pays to get the quantities right. This way you can set a proper budget and avoid oversupplying - or worse - running dry with a houseful of thirsty guests. Wandsworth-based caterer Forkful Food is happy to let clients supply their own booze (and we don’t charge corkage). To help you on your way, we’ve put together this handy guide. To … [Read more...]


With the Christmas party season just around the corner, Wandsworth-based caterer Forkful Food has the following tips for throwing a party – the stress-free way: Get as much done in advance - use the week before the party to: Clean and organise but if you’re pushed for time, prioritize decluttering over cleaning. • Order your booze, soft drinks, glasses, ice and chiller bins and arrange for them to be delivered on the day • Rearrange furniture to make as much floor space as possible. • … [Read more...]

The Nife is Life guide to pasta: no more spaghetti!

Most supermarkets only stock around 10 pasta shapes which means that most Brits eat an endless diet of spag bol, penne with tomato sauce and macaroni cheese. But at Nife is Life ( a massive 46 pasta shapes allow you to ring the pappardelle and paccheri changes very easily – and in Italy there are as many as 600 shapes. A global survey by Oxfam found that pasta is the world’s most popular dish, even in countries such as the Philippines, Guatemala, Brazil and South Africa. Italy … [Read more...]

Melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella fresh from Italy (twice weekly!)

Italian cheeses are out of the this world: just think about a wedge of salty, creamy Gorgonzola, sweet yet salty Parmigiano Reggiano with its grainy texture or meltingly versatile mozzarella and burrata. Nife is Life (, sources its cheeses from the best suppliers in Italy, many of them family businesses going back several generations. Its signature mozzarella di bufala, made with buffalo milk, salt and rennet and burrata are both flown in twice a week from Italy on Tuesdays and … [Read more...]

The French Kitchen

The French Kitchen is the new the venture from caterer David Healey, known previously for his very popular French Café on Ritherdon Road. So with this reputation in mind the Ultimate Rugby Fan (URF) and I accepted an invitation to try out his new premises. The French Kitchen is situated near the junction of Trinity & Bellevue roads, in an area that could be Wandsworth Common’s very own restaurant row, boasting as it does at least 5 different venues. Sandwiched as it is between the upscale … [Read more...]

Five Guys Wandsworth Southside – The future of fast food?

So, Five Guys has arrived in Wandsworth. Taking over the unit vacated earlier this year but the not much missed Ed’s Easy Diner in the food court by the cinema, Five Guys adds to the already impressive roster of burger joints in the Southside area. For those of who of you who are unaware of Five Guys, they are a US chain that has started expanding rapidly in the US and UK. As a dining experience it is somewhere between an artisanal burger joint like Dip n fFip or honest burger and a more down … [Read more...]

Cremoloso – A perfect topping for Garratt lane

Ice cream is one of my not so secret pleasures, I absolutely love the stuff, and whatever the season, whatever the weather I’ll always find an excuse for indulging. With that in mind, the late summer mini heatwave we enjoyed at the end of August took it a beyond no brainer and into potentially negative brainer territory for me to try Cremoloso the new gelato specialist on Garratt lane. Cremoloso occupies what was the perennially never open spot that the Thai Grocer’s café offshoot used to … [Read more...]

Macellaio RC – Chop and change on Northcote Road

Working in the restaurant business sometimes seems to have all the stability and permanence of a career in snow clearing. Not so long ago there were two excellent Spanish eateries on the Northcote Road, the more upmarket Lola Roja and its tapas bar sibling, Rosita. First Lola Roja shut its doors and then more recently, within the last couple of months Rosita also joined it in the great Zagat directory in the sky. I have to admit that I only liked Rosita, whereas many of my friends appeared to … [Read more...]

Tommi Take Two – Tommi’s burger joint Berwick Street.

Oh Iceland, Iceland, Iceland, country of gleaming glaciers, languid lakes, charming cities, non-alliterative North Lights and now it would seem burger entrepreneurs. I've set foot in Iceland twice, both times to change planes. My memories of Keflavik airport are of somewhere remarkably like a smokier version of motorway service station with planes instead of coaches. . Iceland is now firmly on the tourists trail and for a country with a smaller population than Brighton punches vastly above … [Read more...]

Osteria Antica Bologna & The Walrus Room, Clapham Junction

Know your plates, the art of not ordering the wrong thing It was a Saturday night, and I fancied a bit of a treat, you know what I mean some posh drinks and a satisfying dinner. What neither me or the Ultimate Rugby fan (URF) wanted to do was go into town, we were both keen on staying local. As I’ve said before, one of the joys of living in South West London is the great choice of nightlife we have around here, and there’s usually somewhere new to try. For us this time it was cocktails at … [Read more...]

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